Monday, July 30, 2012

Scared Yet?

What a crazy last few days. I feel as if I am hungover without any of the fun of getting there. We made a break neck trip to St. Louis for Davids appt. (more about that later in David's blog) and then rushed back to finish our summer before it is too late. There are places to go, people to see, camp and the list goes on and on. It is a lot to cram into less than a month. Perhaps that is why I am just a big puddle of nothing right now. Make that a big puddle of nothing with a major headache!

Yesterday was really nice as the three boys and I sat and did nothing (that word keeps coming up alot) together all day. That was a first in many many years. We laughed, we talked and we listened to music. It was really fun and to be quite honest I did nothing (See! There it is again!) else. Well, I take that back. I did spend bits and pieces of the day reading emails and facebook messages regarding my last two blogs. Some good, some vehemently against my words, some sure I am currently hell bound and others in a tail spin of concern over my new found liberalism (trust me....I am hardly liberal!) Mixed in with all of this were questions....lots of questions, which got me to thinking that I haven't done a question and answer blog in a long time. So rather than give into the million things that need to be done around the house, the outside heat or my ever growing and all consuming headache....I decided today would be a question and answer blog. I have an email folder full of questions that get asked of me from time to time as well as a number of fb messages with I chose some from both medias along with a few from yesterday and viola! a blog! So get yourself a cold drink, a comfortable spot on the couch and sit back and prepare to be blown away by the amazingness that is who I am! Or maybe just prepare to kill a few minutes doing something other than what you are currently doing.

So begins the questions:
"Cmom do you vote conservatively? If so how is your stand on gay marriage going to effect your 2012 vote? Are you going to switch parties to support gay marriage? TL Wichita"
TL I do vote conservatively and will continue to do so. When I vote I vote on all the issues combined not just one or two. That being said most politicians who support gay marriage also support other issues that I do not agree with and will not vote for so I will vote for the candidate(s) that supports the major portion of issues that I look at and not just gay marriage.

"Why don't we see as many blogs from you as we used to? Amy" 
Well Amy, blogging is my down time enjoyment and I don't have a lot of that anymore. Also I go through sprees where I am just more prolific than others. I will always blog as long as I have readers and as long as it makes me happy...unfortunately just might not be everyday.

"Just how old are you? Some of your blogs make you seem very young and naive while others make you seem more mature. If I had to guess I would say you are in your late 30's or early 40's. Am I close? Anonymous"
Dear Anonymous by young and naive are you trying nicely to say immature?  No the young ship sailed a long time ago and your age estimate is a decade or so off the mark. This year I will be celebrating the half century mark. I am still not sure how I feel about this so let me say thank you for reminding me of that which I am trying hard to forget! Just kidding. Sorta!

"In your blog (talking about my last one I think) you talk about things in the bible being lost in translation. You also in previous blogs have talked about questioning religion or maybe faith I don't remember exactly. I know you are Catholic and I am wondering if you are starting to pull away from the Catholic church or maybe religion in general? Missy from Grandview, TX"
The bad thing about blogging for the world to see is that they see all your thoughts on those down days. We all have them where we feel blue, out of sorts or not happy with the world around us and yes we ask questions. I simply do it from time to time in the public eye. To be clear...I do NOT question God or His word. The lost in translation I spoke of (and someone in yesterday's comments said it better than I) is the translation between what God said and what man wrote. I will always trust God over man. Also...I do not question my faith or my religion, I do sometimes though question the beliefs and attitudes of those who call themselves religious or faith filled. Questioning is how we learn and I will be the first to admit that I am not a theologian nor am I as educated even about my own faith as I should or could be. All this being said...I do LOVE my faith. I was born Catholic and will die Catholic and every day in between I will be a spiritual work in progress. Hope this answers your question(s).

"Do your friends and family read your blogs and what do they think of them? Have you ever lost family or friends because of them? Dale"
Good questions. I know I have friends that read my blog but I really don't know about many in my family. Most of my family know I blog but they might be afraid to read for fear they might be mentioned..."wink!" Honestly the only way I know who is reading my blog is if they comment or tell me in person, email, fb or message. Alot of the comments and messages I get are from people that read because they just ran across my blog or someone else referred them to it. I have actually made friends because of my blog. As far as what people think??? I have had fans and then I have had those who for whatever reason just hated my blog but still chose to read it. Go figure! Most of the time my feedback is positive but every once in awhile I step on peoples toes or like this weekend take an unpopular stand and I hear about it ten fold from both family and friends. It is all part of blogging, taking a stand and having very thick skin! As for your last question "have I ever lost family or friends because of them?" Guess we will just have to wait and see!

"Do you read other peoples blogs? SM NM"
I love to read blogs. I have a number of them bookmarked that when I have time I read. I also love just blog surfing to find new and different blogs. The problem is that I barely have time to write my own let alone read others, but just like anything else....the more blogs you read....the better blogger you become.

Final question:
"I notice you write about your son Z a great deal. Does he mind headlining your blogs? Sammie"
Sammie...are  you friends with Z? LOL Headlining? Hmmmm. Well let us just say that Z is quite accustomed to my writing and knowing that his words and actions could get him a full page spread in a blog. Come to think of may actually be what helps to keep him in line during these teenage years! Seriously though...Z reads most of my blogs and he has never asked me not to write about him. If he did...I would definitely respect that. I think he knows that even I have my limits and certain things would never be discussed. So in answer to your I don't think he minds at all.

Well there you have it! Another thoroughly thrilling foray into that which is my world, my life and my thoughts. Scared yet?


J'nelle said...

Scared? No! I love your blogs and I love your honestly. The fact that you don't bow to the way others think you should feel is refreshing. I also don't get the feeling that you say things just to be outrageous which some bloggers seem to do. Your blogs are real and whether I always agree with you or not. I will always be a fan.

Anonymous said...

I don't agree with your last two blogs but I support your right to believe any way you choose. To drop someone as a friend or family member just because they have different thoughts and beliefs than you is pretty narrow minded and I would say they were not worthy of your friendship or kinship in the first place.

Anonymous said...

Love the question and answers. BTW if I quit reading what I don't agree with I would never pick up another newspaper again. Sometimes we need disagreement to make us grown and learn.

Anonymous said...

Half a century huh? You don't write a day over 30!:)

Anonymous said...

Since we are all being honest here then why do everybody's panties seem to be in such a tight wad? You are verbally supporting gay marriage, but unless the world turns inside out and the conservative politicians jump on the gay bandwagon, you will not vote for anyone in support of gay marriage. It is like you are saying "I don't care if you get married but I am not really going to help you get down the isle." Don't get me wrong. I am not bashing you for this I am simply saying that because gay marriage is only one issue on the liberal agenda, then you will not be voting for it since you will vote conservative so why is everyone so upset?