Tuesday, January 22, 2013

You May Now Applaud!

I did not watch tv yesterday. I could not make myself watch the inauguration. Yes...it is history in the making but so has the last four years been and I have a feeling that if the history books are allowed to tell the truth, the legacy this administration will leave behind is one this country will have difficulty ever recovering from. To me every time I watch our current president or vice president speak..... or hear what is going on in our countries capitol...it is like watching the Real World D.C. We have all watched those Real World shows where average American's don't stand a chance and only those who break the rules, offend the masses and alienate anyone with any sense, morals or self esteem are applauded by the public. The ratings are high....but in the end, what did we really gain by viewing? This was how I viewed the inauguration. It was just episode one, season two of lies, bad behavior and unsavory antics from a cast of narcissistic, self indulgent, over paid idiots....and to put it mildly....I wasn't all that crazy about season one!

Yeah....I have never made my thoughts on politics a secret. However....what good has it really done me? Yesterday I had a couple of revelations about life. One....I finally actually feel about 98% well. The congestion is almost gone and I don't feel exhausted just walking across the floor. With this new found energy....there must be something to use it on other than lamenting that which I cannot physically change. The second revelation was that yesterday was the fifth anniversary of David's first seizure. We had five years of febrial seizures, mini seizures and scary events and now...we are almost seizure free. We are also about ready to start a new time in our life where our focus is going to be on David's physical therapy and his walking. There will be little room for fighting a losing battle.

I love facebook(fb). It has been a place where I have reconnected with many and met some wonderful new friends. Sometimes it really makes me laugh and I love being able to keep up with everyone and their families. Anymore though....fb is depressing. Yes....I know our country is in a world of hurt, but I have done what I could. I voted! I have also used my voice when I felt that it mattered. Now though....I feel as if I am just beating a dead horse. No my feelings about the political mire we are in have not changed and I have a feeling of that which I have predicted and posted about time and again is going to come to pass....but people on both sides have quit listening. No one wants to hear it anymore. So.....it has been my experience that the best way to prove you are right about someone or something is simply to shut your mouth and let nature take its course. If I am right about our current administration and the path they are on....this is going to be evident quite soon to even his staunchest supporters. And they will know I was right. However...if I am wrong then I will gladly be the first person to stand up and admit it. God knows....no one wants this man to fail, for if he does...he takes us all with him. But we all need to stop and question.....what our idea of fail is. My idea of fail is losing our rights, destroying the Constitution, more debt and a slide into communism. To others in our country and in our current administration.....this may not be considered a fail. This may be what the goal was all along. Only time will tell and let me say right here and right now....for those of you who see this man as great and as someone who proves to be good for this country.....I hope to heaven that you are right and I am wrong.

All this being said....I am tired of beating the dead horse. I am tired of talking about horrendous national debt, outlandish government spending, healthcare, Benghazi, the Fast and Furious, birth certificates and muslim ties. I am tired of pointing out that if this were Bush he would have been tried and convicted and impeachment would have been inevitable. I am tired of fighting a losing battle with people who don't want to see red flags or those who do see red flags and don't care. Life is too short for all of this and I personally don't want to spend my life battling politics anymore. I am backing away (as much as I can) from the verbal front lines and I am taking my battle to the spiritual front. From here on...I am simply going to use the strongest weapon I have....prayer! Truth is....I don't know Gods plan. Whatever it is though....He is the one in charge....not me, not any political party and certainly not Obama. If I have true faith, then I know all will be as it should be and in the end God's justice will be served. What more do I need to know and why should I worry? As I learned long ago....do what you physically can and turn the rest over to God and that is just what I intend to do.

I can't promise that if something absolutely outrageous happens I won't post an opinion....nor can I promise that I won't have a political blog from time to time. I can however say that I am going to start putting all the time I have spent on political warfare into something more constructive and something much more positive. I have a son to help walk and another whom I have to help become the man I know he is. I have a house that needs an overhaul and a yard that needs a lot of love. I have four legged babies that need a lot of attention and a waistline that needs some added trimming. I have friends who I need to laugh with and family who I need to spend more time with. In other words....I have much in my life that I can control and make better and that is where my focus needs to be.

So there you have it folks....love my political views or hate my political views....bottom line is....you won't be hearing much about them anymore. You may now applaud!


Anonymous said...

I have to admit that this makes me a little sad. I like reading your blogs and knowing that you are not afraid to say what most of the country is thinking. I do understand though that life is too short for constant battle, so good luck with all you have to do. Please keep blogging though.

Anonymous said...

I am applauding.

Anonymous said...

I like your blogs political or otherwise. I also like the fact that you are letting go and letting God. You are right that he is ultimately in control. Good blog.

Anonymous said...

Yes, all the political stuff is quite wearing on a person. It really doesn't matter though. As of the inauguration yesterday, we are officially in it for the next 4 years. I would say praying is a good course of action regardless of who is in D.C. Nice blog.

Anonymous said...

I wish that I could applaud this, but I can not. I do understand your desire to focus on other things than politics, but the fact is that your voice has been one that has obviously caused people to think whether they like it or not. You keep sounding the alarm that people need to be aware, use common sense and make sure that issues like Benghazi stay in the publics mind. Silencing yourself does no one any favors and allows people to stick their heads in the sand and pretend that this country is not in danger of tyranny. It is people like you who must continue to speak out. I sincerely hope that you reconsider your stand on quieting your political views and continue to tell it like it is and keep people from going into the semi conscious state of denial that will lead this country into socialism and eventual communism.