Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Story

I have had several people address the fact that my blogs are now filled with colored text full of ads. A couple of days ago while I was blogging something popped up saying I needed to upgrade my video player. I thought I had x'd out of it but directly after, I had these ads. Z says that the internet is full of this and these sneaky ads are the culprit. Z and I are looking for the specific little fiend that is responsible for my blog woes and then I will uninstall it. Until then though, please bare with me. Trust is every bit as annoying for me as it is for you!

So I have been blogging since 2007 and whether you know me personally, have been with me since the blog inception or have simply become a reader along the know that there is one topic that is often a recurring theme in my blog. My kids. Whether solo or as a group, each and everyone of them have made regular blog appearances. Sometimes I am singing their praises and others.....not so much. By now though you know, they are the heart and soul of what makes me tick. They are why I have wrinkles, gray hair and stretch marks. They are also why I smile, laugh and have learned far more than any text book education I could ever have had. They are what has kept me going when I didn't think I could. They hold my heart and they are each and every one way or hero.

While each of my kids has played a major role in shaping who I am as a mother and a person, my greatest education began the day my youngest son David was born. Learning to be the mom of a special needs child and finding a way to balance all that goes with this new life while maintaining any resemblance to a normal life for everyone else has been tricky to say the least. Because of David I have learned to love harder than I knew was possible. I have learned to appreciate the smallest and often most overlooked milestones and details of everyday life and I have learned to separate what is really important from the things that in the big picture of life.....simply don't matter. 

Davids story began as a life and death fight and remained that way for three and a half months in his five month stay in the neonatal intensive care unit. It was a gut wrenching time filled with a lot of tears and a lot of prayers that I would just as soon forget. However, those memories are engraved on my mind and at times I can still feel my heart skip a beat thinking back over every time his O2Sats would dip into the 80's or when his heart would race into the 200's and his monitors would wildly go off. I can still smell the NICU and remember my walk from the door all the way back to my childs cubicle. The one I was never sure he would see the outside of.  The other day while I was going back over some of my past blog entries on Davids blog (yes he has his own) I found this particular blog entitled simply: The Story. 

Today I am going to cross blogs and take you over to The Incredible Mr. David blog and The Story. Sometimes when you can understand where we have been.....then it is easier to understand where we am now. So right now I am directing you to the only link that matters on this whole page. Please click HERE to go back to January 31, 2011 and The Story!

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