Saturday, April 26, 2014

Just Another Day in Lisaland!

Lawdy! Lawdy! Lawdy! What a week! A lot of things were surely packed into it, however looking around me, house cleaning was not one of those things. Having the windows open and gale force winds blowing through, it appears that my dust bunnies have procreated and have been working out to boot. One just blew by me and it was bigger than my hand. I would say it is time to clean. Anyone want to clean my house?

In other news, I am sitting here debating whether I should go to a doctor or not as I think I have a spider bite on my hip which is now causing my entire hip area to hurt. I have been nursing this stupid thing for several days and its ever changing look keeps me wondering as to what I should do. Sometimes it looks angrier than others and sometimes it hurts worse than others. Right now it is not as red as yesterday and it is really itchy feeling, but it hurts all around it. Being persona non grata at Via Christi doesn't leave me with a lot of options other than Wesley ER and quite honestly.....that will be my last resort, especially since I was just there yesterday with David. I guess I will wait and see if it starts looking worse, hurting more or if my leg starts to separate from the rest of my body. If that happens, then I guess I will go.

My yard finally doesn't look like a jungle anymore thanks to a very kind individual who used his
riding mower to tame the overgrowth and mow down my brightly colored dandelions and various weeds. That's right, I no longer have grass, just weeds. At least now they are short weeds. I have my pool drained and provided our winds stay below 80 mph tonight and the pool is still standing tomorrow, I have people coming to help me clean it out and then I will start filling it and pray that my pump still works. If it does, then it is just a matter of time (and some 80+ degree days) and soon David will be doing his physical therapy in the water. I think that is a therapy we can all get behind and enjoy.

Speaking of winds.....I have noticed on facebook and our local weather stations, that there are pretty frequent warnings that my part of the world maybe gearing up for some nasty weather this afternoon, tonight and tomorrow afternoon. The temps are suppose to hover somewhere between the high 80's and the low 90's and I notice we already have a hazy tint to the world outside. Hazy, hot days always remind me of the Andover tornado in 1991, so I wouldn't be surprised if we do in fact have storms tonight. I heard we have national weather spotters already in place in anticipation of today's possible storm/tornado outbreak. Gosh, no one wants to miss the rarity of a tornado outbreak in Kansas. (That was sarcasm by the way!)

And speaking of tornado season, every year at this time, I miss our yearly KAKE TV (at least I think it was KAKE) tornado awareness film. It was literally a part of my yearly childhood experience for as long as I could remember. It was on every year in late March or early April, usually on a Saturday afternoon. I think it was in black and white and it always showed the sky being clear and everyone going about their business and then SUDDENLY.....there were storms, black skies, sirens and of course....a TORNADO! My mom made us watch that faithfully year after year. It reminded everyone that we lived in Tornado Alley and that any time from March on, we needed to be aware that in a moments notice we might have to run for shelter. Yeah, it was a bit dramatic and with the radar of that time, we didn't really have much time to react during some storms, but it set the stage for the season and it was apparently effective enough that they ran it every year for many years. Man it would be fun to see it again, just for a fun walk down memory lane. Not to be outdone by my mother, I personally like to keep the tradition of reminding my family that we live in Tornado Alley going, so every year come March.....I make them watch Twister. It gives you all the drama, a great reminder of what tornadoes can do and you get Bill Pulliam and Philip Seymore Hoffman as an added bonus. So there.....take that 1950's tornado film!

Okay, now we wait. Will I end up in the ER this weekend? Between David's seizures and the possibility of my leg falling off.....survey says.........DUH! IT'S THE WEEKEND OF COURSE YOU WILL! Great! Will we have big storms? Of course we will. Mother Nature would never think to disappoint all these storm spotters? Will my pool actually stay in my back yard until we get it filled? Let's pray it does. And finally......Do you think anyone still has a copy of the old tornado awareness film? If so.....put it on youtube and let us watch!

Well there you have it. Nothing exciting here, just another day in Lisaland.

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Anonymous said...

That bite looks gross. If it gets worse get it checked. It could be a brown spider bite. I actually really loved the lightness of this blog. Glad you were able to switch gears and not have to be so serious. Hope you have a ER free, hospital free weekend.