Monday, July 21, 2014

I Just Hate Mondays

Look out! It's Monday and by preconceived notion and Monday's flawless track record, I have no great hope that today will be anything less than a......Monday. Because of this, I have decided to use this day to it's fullest and unload my current dislikes of and in the world. So suit up, put on your protective gear and get ready 'cause here it comes.

I don't like getting older. Don't get me wrong, I love living, I just don't like gray hair, bad vision, sags, bags and wrinkles. It takes away from my mental illusion of being young.

I don't like Reality TV! It sucks me in, dumbs me down and gives me nightmares about the Jersey Shore as well as makes me question a world where Honey Boo Boo could be queen.

I don't like lazy baggers at a full service grocery store. Don't think you're just going to get by with bagging my twenty bags of groceries. Oh are taking them to my car and unloading them too. And by the way...yes, me walking away without my basket does mean you are suppose to follow me to the car. If I wanted to load my own groceries I would have gone to Walmart!

I hate mosquito's, ticks and wasps as all are attracted to me and none in a good way. If only men were so easily attracted. 

I am not a fan of doctors offices, ER's or hospitals and yet I have earned enough frequent flier miles at each that I should be able to travel to the Mayo Clinic with first class travel and deluxe accommodations several times over.

I can't stand rude kids who haven't been taught better and rude adults who certainly should know better. Yes...I do see the pattern. 

I despise the term Politically Correct and every time I hear it I want to say "Hey 1990 called and they want their stupid term back." Really though....they don't! 

I don't like my dryer as I spend way too much time looking for missing socks and underwear. Yes, my dryer's appetite for destruction seems to carry over to underwear too and someday I will go to Dryerland and find them all!

I hate hot cars, cold floors and dripping faucets.

I am not a fan of straight tequila, light beer or wine of any kind.

I despise seizures, Lupus and cancer and would do just about anything to eradicate them all.

I hate loss, loneliness and the urge to vacation in Pityland.....when one or both occur.

I don't like hot Spaghetti O's, cold soup or any cheese that smells like it has been stuck in my shoe for a week.

I can't stand election years, political parties or any commercial that ends with, "I am ________ and I approve this message." 

Mostly though.....I just hate Monday's. 


Anonymous said...

Great blogs recently. I love them all and Monday will get better.

Donna B. said...

Now, don't you feel so much better? Nothing like a good VENT! I used to hate Mondays...until I one day runs right into the next and half the time I have no clue what day it even is! Great post!