Friday, January 21, 2011

Ask Them What They Mean By Choice

A blogger whom I read, St. Blogustine, wrote this: Today NARAL(a pro-choice advocacy group) is having a pro-abortion blog bomb called "Blog for Choice Day," which "boils the blood" of Jill Stanek (pro-life advocate)and MANY OTHERS, including me.  So Jill, a champion of the unborn, has quickly and successfully implemented ASK THEM WHAT THEY MEAN BY CHOICE blog day, on which I am participating with this post.  The pro-abortionists must be corrected in their deceitful choice of words.  Make them say what the so-called CHOICE is all about.  Thank you, Jill.  You do the Lord's work!

After reading this....I knew I had to get involved and throw in my two cents. Now before people start letting their blood pressure creep on this volatile subject, let me say this......I know and love people on both sides of this issue. I and many dear friends have spent many hours as a pro-life advocate trying to educate young women on what abortion truly is and what "choice" really means when paired with abortion. I also have many friends who advocate "choice" who fight both behind and in front of the lines believing they are fighting for women and for what they believe choice to be. I also know many young women who have chosen abortion to end their pregnancies an in most cases....never was their choice an easy one and their reasons for doing this were as complex and varied as the girls themselves. However...knowing theses things and witnessing what I have witnessed in my life and in the lives of others, I have very strong opinions on the subject of abortion and using the word "choice" in a way that somehow makes abortion sound a little more pc and in the eyes of choicers apparently seems to make the end result acceptable. So I love the title Ask Them What They Mean By Choice and here are my thoughts on abortion.

Choice is a word that implies (to most) something positive. If you have a choice then you appear to have a right. Rights are good things....right? And in this country....don't we ALL have rights? And this is where the word "choice" becomes a great big FAIL! Paired with the word abortion....choice is a right only given to the few....(women) and not even ALL women at that. In this country human life is only respected and protected outside the womb. Inside the womb....human life is not acknowledged....therefore those in the womb have absolutely no rights.

Any woman who has ever carried a child inside them knows without a doubt (whether she admits it or not) that she is carrying a human life. She feels that life grow, move, and hiccup each day as her belly expands. That child inside her doesn't simply just come to life as he/she peaks its head into the world. It has been alive since conception. There is a reason that the child responds to music it heard while waiting to be born or why he/she recognizes the voices of parents and siblings who have been the focal point of the child's life while growing in the womb. Yet somehow....this isn't enough for many to admit that this life deserves the same rights as any other human life.

When considering abortion there are always two human lives involved....but only one of those lives has a "choice", a voice, a right (by law) to keep on living. When making that "choice" two human lives go into a clinic, but only one of those humans comes out alive. In our society.....many say....this is an acceptable choice for women....but they aren't even giving ALL women a choice. Think of the number of unborn women who have never had the right to decide their fate. Why? Because "choice" in terms of abortion.....was only a word used by a select few, for a select few with no respect for the rest. What human would "choose" to die by such horrendous means? There is no dignity for human life through abortion. The unborn are not sedated, handled gently or disposed of respectfully. The woman's choice results in pain (especially in late term abortions), some cases chemical burns and other horrendous acts which if done to an already born individual would be considered cruel, sadistic and dare I say....murder. And their final resting place is a trash bag full of waste. Again I ask? Who would choose to die like this?

So going back to the topic Ask Them What They Mean By choice really the right word when linking it with abortion? Is there really a fair choice involved when one humans choice trumps another humans life (an innocent one at that)and sentences them to an unspeakable death?

So here's the deal. I will never agree with abortion and I will always pray for those who find abortion as a solution to a problem in their life. However....if you are going to have an abortion, support abortion, or participate in an abortion....then at least be honest about what you are doing. If you choose abortion.....this is the reality of what you mean by choice: A child was created who was not wanted for whatever reason. This child is a living human being who is in early stages of growth, but very much human and very much alive. Because you don't want this child/can't keep this child/feel like having this child may cause you mental or physical issues, rather than allow this child to have a life even if it is not with are going to have an abortion. An abortion is YOUR choice....NOT and I repeat....NOT the unborn child you carry's  choice. By having this know this child will not be anesthetized during the last horrendous moments of his or her life. You do know that the child will be dissected and torn apart inside you....while still alive. And have full knowledge that this child....a child you created will end up in a garbage bag and taken out with the rest of the trash and disposed of....not with any form of dignity.....but as nothing more than waste! This is what is meant by choice in the case of abortion. Also remember....that if these same acts were imposed on you....they would be considered illegal, unconscionable, unethical, and completely inhuman which would likely carry either a sentencing of life in prison or more likely a death sentence for those involved with the act. However.. do it to an innocent unborn is merely a choice. A choice with no consequences which leaves many to repeat the act over and over again. If this is their idea of choice....I think I will pass.

I know there will be those who vehemently disagree with me and I am okay with that. I just believe that if you are truly going to support a woman's right to choose....then you first need to know what they mean by choice!


Matt K Cassens said...

You seem well versed on the issue, and I love your attention to detail. I wholeheartedly agree with you. Are you a member of prolife blogs? If not, look for the link on my blog's sidebar and head there. I'm using my iPhone and am unable to copy/paste a link for you here. They send a lot of traffic to blogs like ours.

Donna B said...

Personally, for me I don't believe in abortion. I could not do it. I raised my daughters in my beliefs and both of them could not do it. I have dear friends who have made the opposite decision and the majority of them are haunted to this day by their actions.

One of my best friends is a huge pro-life activist in Los Angeles.
This is truly a tragic and volatile subject. I commend you for standing up for your beliefs.