Sunday, January 2, 2011


"What we are is God's gift to us. What we become is our gift to God"......Mother Teresa.

I went to Mass this morning and Father reminded us of the above words of Mother Teresa. What a profound woman she right she always seemed to be.

These words say so much. For those that know we are created by God...also know what a gift our lives, our health, and our ability to "be" are. And to each of us in varying degrees, God also bestowed talents. Whether they are obvious talents such as singing, cooking, or amazing creativity.....or whether they are less conspicuous such as wisdom, unfailing kindness, or quiet compassion for those and the world around us.....they are there.

Each of us is born a clean slate with the ability to live our lives to the very fullest with the "talents" God has given us. We all have the potential for great good. We also have the potential for great evil. It is merely how we "choose" to use the gifts we are given as to how much we will grow and in what direction we will take those gifts....and I have no doubt will be a deciding factor in where we may end up spending eternity.

We have all known someone with amazing talent who chooses either to use it for selfish and/or self serving reasons or uses that talent to grow in ways that are neither productive, healthy, or in the end soul flourishing. We also have all known someone who seems to have no "real" talents and yet they live their lives joyfully, kindly, and treat each the gift that it is. I can only imagine that it is those who go through life helping when possible, giving when they see need, and laughing and loving as much as they can, that give God great joy and make Him feel as if the gifts He originally bestowed were not in vain.

At any rate....I thought Fathers reminder of Mother Teresa's words today was both necessary and directional....reminding us of what we have been given and nudging us to make positive change in this new year.

We all have been given a great gift in this life. Perhaps this should be the year that I live my life in a way that both honors the gifts I have been given....and maybe..... just start becoming a worthy gift to God.

Happy Sunday and God Bless you all!

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