Monday, January 10, 2011

I Wish I Was a Bear!

So I am sitting here wishing that I was home, snuggled under a warm blanket eating soup, or chili, or maybe a Hot Rod Burger. get the idea. I wish I was at home instead of at work. Why....because it is snowing outside and apparently I am more bear than human. I looooooonnnnnngggggg to hibernate and not show myself until spring is in the air.I have always been so jealous of those darn bears. I wish I was a bear!

Apparently others have had the same tendencies as myself today..... for I have hardly seen a soul. Granted the quiet makes for a peaceful Monday....but it also makes for a very sleepy Monday. Twice today I have caught myself nodding off. One of those times was when my boss was talking to me. If he missed the trickle of drool starting down the side of my mouth, then I think I'm good.....and he may not have realized that I was partially comatose during those last few instructions I was given. Should be interesting to see if all I was told to do....matches up with all I actually did!

It is suppose to continue snowing for a few more hours and then a cold front is suppose to hit....(like having 5 inches of snow on the ground isn't cold front enough.)  I noticed that the wind is starting to whip a bit. Should make for a snuggle down kind of night. Cold wind....cold snow.....but ahhhhhh.....warm house. However....all this bliss will be but a memory when my alarm goes off tomorrow morning. It will be soooooo not fun when I once again have to leave the warmth for the cold.  Would I be wrong to pray for a SNOW DAY? Oh yeah....I am an adult....I don't get snow days anymore. I think I will go back to wishing I was a bear!

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