Thursday, January 6, 2011

Waiting-Place (Waiting for a Cure!)

Well....I told you there were things that you were going to be hearing more from me about....and here is one of them.

I talked about up and coming non-profit that some friends of mine started. Well today....I would like to elaborate. Sometimes things happen in your life that just seem like a perfect fit. That is what happened when I first heard about Waiting-Place. Angie Daniel a friend of mine who writes the blog and her sister Shelly came up with the idea for this venture. Angie's husband KFDI radio personality Dane Daniel has been battling cancer for years and Angie and Dane have spent many hours in the last decade waiting in drs. waiting rooms, hospital waiting rooms and treatment waiting rooms....all with the hopes of finding the cure that will make waiting rooms a thing of the past in their lives.

It has been all of this waiting that was the catalyst for the idea of Waiting-Place. If you must wait, then why shouldn't some good come of it? Why should all of that waiting just be precious minutes lost from already stressed lives? Waiting-Place will make all that waiting not only be proactive, but possibly find the cure that means someone may no longer have to wait.

The beauty of Waiting-Place is that people who love you, know you, or who just want to find a cure for your particular disease can sponsor you and pledge a dollar amount on each medical visit you have that is part of your disease treatment. Those dollars then all go to research of your disease. In Dane and Angie's world that is soft cell sarcoma.

Most of you by now know that my youngest son is special needs. His official diagnosis is cerebral palsy and with that come many issues including hydrocephalus and seizures. We spend many long hours just as Angie and Dane do, waiting on drs., tests, results and most of all......a cure. Waiting rooms are never fun, but with chronic illness and disease....they are a way of life. If each one of those visits though could possibly be putting us that much closer to a cure....every second there would be worth it.

The minute I heard about Waiting-Place I said....."I'm in!" I pledged to give whatever I could to make this work. The most wonderful part about Waiting-Place is it's ability to help find a cure for not just one illness or disease.....but many.

Everyone of us knows someone who is sick. Everyone of us knows someone who needs to find a cure. That is why I am asking you to support Waiting-Place today. All you have to do is vote! As I said this is brand new on the scene and start up money to support the future of Waiting-Place is an immediate need. Pepsi has the Pepsi Refresh Project which they are donating to the top ten most voted on start up ideas. Waiting-Place is in the running but it needs votes daily until the end of the month. All you have to do is go to  click on the "health" symbol at the top of the page, then click on $50,000, then where it says Vote For pull the drop down menu and pick "near you". Waiting-Place says Creating a tool to let patients raise research money while in treatment. Angie Daniel's name is under it. Then vote. Vote everyday and get all of your family, friends and social networking friends to do it too.

Why is this so important? Because or someone you love.....maybe waiting for a cure!

Stay tuned for updates!

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