Thursday, June 16, 2011

Affect and Goals

Sometimes it is really nice to know that you have had an affect on someone else's life. And is even nicer to be able to let someone know that they have had an affect on yours. Last night...both happened for me. I found out quite unexpectedly that many years ago, I had affected someone's life. Funny enough (or maybe not funny at all), this person had affected my life just as strongly and in many ways shaped who I was to become. The  conversation gave me closure that I apparently have spent many years needing. Who knew? Now that I have it, maybe some questions remain.....but for the most part, I feel both honored and at peace. What a strange combination! Life is just constantly full of things that make you go......WOW!

So an update on past projects. First of all....the whole River Run thing. Nope....didn't happen. Why? Because I am old and my knees are too! When I mentioned running....they buckled....literally! Well, actually I did try running but my knees were in such pain that it got to the point where it was impeding my other I had to give up. Maybe in time my knees will get stronger, but for now running is not my friend.

And how about those plants I planted? Well, believe it or not....I have tried twice this year to grow plants and both times have been a complete fail. Apparently there is absolutely no green left in either of my thumbs. Sadly the only fresh produce we will have this summer is from the local Farmer's Market.

Of course we have already discussed "the chair" that still remains unupholstered and collecting dust in my junk room. Someday though...that chair will be complete!!!!

So it appears that there might be a bit of goal distraction or possibly dontgiveadmnitis going on here. I really do care....well sort of. I mean after all....I can't help the knees. The green thumb is a lost cause, but the chair....well the chair is taunting me. Ever since I was reminded of it, I do feel a bit challenged to finish it. Only a bit though. And that folks is where I stand on uncompleted goals. It ain't pretty....but it is what it is!

Moving on to completed goals.......well....ummmm....I am still breathing! That is a biggie. The kids are all still alive. You have no idea just how big that one is! Pretty much those are the only two goals I have completed since the closet....but at least those two have remained consistent. Yay me!

On to today's Shout Outs:

A shout out to Rep. Gabrielle Giffords who after being gunned down by a psychotic gunman has made a miraculous recovery. It is wonderful to see recent pictures of your beautiful face. Here is hoping for your complete healing and recovery.

A shout out to my great niece Madison who turned the great big "7" yesterday. Happy Birthday Madi!

And how about a big shout out to my friend Mark who became a grandpa this weekend. Congratulations Mark....welcome to the easy part of raising kids!

And finally.....a huge shout out to the news media who have finally let Charlie Sheen and his obnoxious antics fade into the sunset. And after all....why wouldn't they? The have traded a major d!ck.......for a huge Weiner! Oh come know it had to be said!!!!!

And here are the prayer requests:

For a fb friends cousin who had a stroke....please keep her in prayer.

For all those who are in drought conditions and need rain.

For parents everywhere....especially those of us hanging onto our sanity by a thread.

And finally....a request of prayers for my friend Marni's son Phillip and all soldiers serving on foreign soil. May they be guided, protected and brought home safely.

It is now time to start this day. Hope your Thursday is filled with glorious adventures and wonderful mysteries. Happy Thursday!

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Marni said...

That chair......yes it will sit there and taunt you until you finish it. Girl you can do this!!!!! LOL
And thanks for the prayers......