Friday, June 17, 2011

The Dating Game

It is Friday!!!! I am so happy I could cry.....right up until the time I think about last weekend. Last weekend (Sunday) didn't fare so well in my life and I sure as heck am not looking for any repeats, so hopefully this weekend will go better. Fingers and toes crossed.

It is only 7:30 a.m. and already the house feels hot, and that is with A/C. I just did my makeup and I am wondering if there is going to have to be a redo before I leave for work. It feels as if my face is melting off as I type. Perhaps if I sit directly in front of the fan....or better yet....wasn't so cheap that I refused to set the thermostat below 78 degrees?! The bad thing is.....with my old windows...they are as old as I am and don't work one bit better, my electric bills climb to between $600 and $800 every summer. It is ridiculous and that is with the temp set between 75 and 78. If I kept it any lower, I would have to sell a kidney to keep up. I just can't afford to stay cool during the summer. I have a friend that is just not going to be happy until I am dating and well on the way to way or another. I have not known her long...a couple of years, but since the day she finally felt we were close enough friends that she could interject her thoughts onto my personal life....she has been after me to change my life status from single to at the very! And though I have grown very fond of her and know that her intentions are good.....I spend most days wanting to kill her. I think I have mentioned her desires for me on here before and so far I have been able to keep her at bay, but apparently this summer.....I have become her much so that she has been doing a little bit of sneaking! I found out just a few days ago that I now have a profile on a dating site. Apparently it has been there for a few weeks, but after she put it up.......she was too scared to tell me. She only got up the nerve in the last week. Lucky for her....she doesn't live close or I might have wrung her neck. She said she was waiting to tell me until she saw what kind of guys responded to my profile. She wanted to show me that there were a lot of interested guys out there. I just cringed.

I am sorry....I am old school and I am not a fan of meeting a potential date via the internet. Maybe I would be a little more enthusiastic....if say....I were desperate!!!!! but that is just not the case. Dating would be fine if I found the right person, but the fact is....I am truly not looking. I figure that if God wants a man in my life, then He will put a man in my life. And my little friend always comes back with the retort.....God helps those who help themselves! Fine....but I don't need help!!!!! She and I have had this same conversation by phone and by email for several days now. In all fairness....I know she is a happy girl, in a happy marriage, with happy kids and she wants the same for those she considers friends, but my life is not quite the storybook existence hers is and perhaps my happily ever after has already come and gone. At any rate.....after blasting her in the nicest way I knew how and letting her not such a nice way that I didn't appreciate having my info on a dating site.......I went and looked at it. Why? Partly because I am tired of arguing with people and partly because I think I hurt her feelings and made her cry. Yeah....I am a b!tch! 

On examination of the wasn't horrible, but her profile description of me was way off base. She had me down as this wonderfully maternal woman, with a dazzling personality, brilliant, funny, and exciting. Great with people, kids and animals. Loves God, country and apple pie. If some poor guy out there read this and actually believed it.....boy would he be disappointed come that first meeting. So I compromised with my friend and told her I would stay on the site until the end of summer on the condition that I redo the profile and make it honest. It had to read more like: Haggard, tired woman....still raising kids. Loves all her children, just not all the time. Has a wicked sense of humor but most days can't remember whether she is wearing underwear or not. Disorganized, hates to clean....but will go insane if things are not clean, talks to self and bakes a mean cheesecake.
Looking for: Guy who likes to cook at least 2 times per week, has no problem with foot rubs (giving not getting), who can verbally spar with me....but not piss me off, likes kids (even mine), doesn't care that I forget to feed him occasionally, pay a bill from time to time, or turn off the water in the back yard. He must understand that I am right 99.9% of the time and not gloat when he is right that .1%. He must enjoy long walks through Walmart, romantic evenings out at McDonalds, and exciting weekends full of yard work and home repairs.

Now if there is a guy out there...that after reading this is still interested in playing the dating game with me....then he might be a keeper. Otherwise....I think my life status as "single" is just pretty darn secure! I am sure my friend is going to die after reading this. Hey who's cringing?

And now a little video that is just flat out country. So get your Friday started with some Jason Aldean and She's Country.

Happy Friday everyone!


Anonymous said...

God helps those who help themselves? What religion is that? Pop mosaic modernism or something? Not Biblical - that is certain. Anyway. Reading your friends profile, which seems about right to me, gets replies. Your revision is largely irrelevant as most guys in the dating range have learned those facts (about most women) as "that goes without saying".... so say it anyway in a brief profile? Honesty is essential and I think both profiles are "honest", just think the second one should be learned first-hand.

Anonymous said...

So it takes setting you up on a dating sight to get mentioned in your blog. lol I know that you are not happy with me right now, but you still love me and you know it. I have my prince now I would like to see you find yours. Once these guys out there get to know you, they are going to be knocking down your door. You are smart, funny and a great mom and any guy would be lucky to have you. Thanks for not killing me. My family appreciate it!