Friday, June 3, 2011

Dr. Death and Some Other Stuff

As I opened my computer, the first thing that greeted me this morning was Dr. Death Dies! It was of course an article about the death of Dr. Jack Kevorkian who became infamous for making assisted suicide a household word. Over the course of years he helped many to die and ended up doing time for his uh....errrr.....charitable acts. It makes you wonder if someone helped him or if he managed it all by himself? Not long ago I tried to watch You Don't Know HBO movie about the life of this controversial man. I say tried because even though I am quite the Al Pacino fan....his portrayal of this man was a little too dead on for me (pardon the pun). I didn't find Kevorkian to be a man of good will or good deeds at all but rather a narcissistic serial killer who rather liked holding the power of life and death in his hands. I saw a man with a God Complex rather than a man with humanities best interest at heart. It makes you wonder if this man came to any realizations about his actions before he died? I guess his actions now are between him and his maker.

Wow....deep subject matter for a Friday! And onto something else. Uhhhh...remember the whole jinx thing yesterday? Perhaps I better rethink my position on jinxes, jinxing, and anything of a jinx nature. So after I left work yesterday.....I went to the store and as I was at the store....I got a call from Z. David had just had a seizure. He proceeded to have another one last night! WHAT THE HECK!!!!! They were just little mini seizures and the dr. just wants us to watch him for a day or two, but REALLY! I had no sooner got those words about all being good down on paper when the seizures started. Jinx or coincidence? You be the judge. I just know I need to stop complimenting my life. It never fails that every time I do.....the cosmic forces all align....just to prove me wrong! Oy!

The wind is back and apparently here to stay. We cooked out on the grill last night and then I spent the rest of the night paranoid that the wind would cause hot coals to fly and catch my yard and then my house on fire. If I had a nice designated grilling area....I wouldn't have to worry about such things....but I don' I do! I just hope that this isn't going to be one of those summers where the wind blows like a banshee day in and day out. A breeze is nice but wind strong enough to blow my gate off it's hinges....not so much. (By the way....thank you Dan for fixing my gate.)

Well it is Friday and even though this has been a short week.....I feel like I have been through the ringer. Guess that is what happens when you start your week with an 8 hour drive! I have a lot to accomplish this weekend but have no plans to rush myself.  Just feel like I need to get back into the swing of things and don't feel like I am there yet. Perhaps some time in the pool will get me there?! We shall see.

So what am I doing for Fridays in the month of June? I sort of  like the Fridays will be videos I like. I think I will get this Friday started with a group who is suppose to be at Riverfest this year (Riverfest starts today). Here is Little Big Town and Boondocks! Have an exceptional Friday!

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well I am glad to know Dan fixed your gate....