Monday, June 27, 2011

Fix Me!

Why does it seem likewhen something breaks....then other things feel the need to  follow suit? First..the last of my three mowers decided to call it quits and then yesterday....the motor on my pool decided it no longer wanted to do it's job. So now my lawn is growing ever higher and my pool is turning green. Oh the joys of summer. Honestly whole house has so many jobs that need to be done in it...I could be working on it for the rest of my life. For someone who liked piddling around a house would be a handi-mans paradise. For me....not so much! I have decided that the first time I married, I married for love. Next will be for handi-man services. My poor Tim.....God love him, could do just about anything in a kitchen.....except repair it! And God forbid if he tried to do a repair....even a minor almost always meant disaster.

Looking house is so desperately in need of repair. It needs  new interior doors, new windows, new sheet rock (where certain heads met certain walls), removal of popcorn from ceilings and hardwood floor refinishing and that is just phase one! Some of this stuff I am sure that I could do myself.....if time permitted and I had any skills or money. But none of the above seem to be the case!

Truth be told....I have had a couple of affairs with married men since I have lived back in this old house. Of course they were handi-man affairs....and their wives were fully aware and really didn't even seem to care too much at all. In fact....sometimes they would even come and watch. Sadly though....they both left I apparently became too needy and my repairs became too excessive. Yeah....we still see each other from time to time but gone are the days when they arrived willing to put in a new floor or new sink. Now we just have the occasional fence repair or possible bathroom ceiling fix....but it is quite obvious that they are  waaaay over the thrill of fixing my house! And I won't lie....I have even resorted to paying for it....once! The whole experience was way too expensive and not very satisfying at I had to end up fixing his fixes! Sigh.....I so need a man who wields a mean hammer and actually knows that when turning a bolt....right is tighty! Double sigh!

So as Monday's go....other than my repair woes.....everything seems pretty okay. The house is quiet and everyone but me is still enjoying this early summer morning deep in sleep. As this is only a four day week....I am optimistically hopeful about its prospects. Hopefully this second half of my summer is even better than the first and honestly....except for a glitch here and there....the first half hasn't been too terribly bad at all.

So today's spotlight is a little girl who came into my life two years ago. I fell in love and then we lost her. Recently....she has come back and she has taken my heart yet once again. Her name...little Miss Saleen.

If you have read my blogs from way back or followed me on may remember Saleen coming into my family and then being taken away. It was a heart breaking time for all of us and one that left a bigger pain in my heart than I realized. Saleen we believed.....was my grandchild....only to find out that was not the case.

Saleen and her mommy are back though. And triy as hard as I can....I cannot help but fall for this little blond haired beauty. She has come back into our lives and captured all our hearts. I am sure some will think me very foolish to set my heart up for possibly another major break....but I simply can't help it. This little girl has grabbed I can only hope that this go around has a better outcome than the last.....but even if it doesn't, I can't ever imagine regretting....loving this little tike.

And so....time to make this hot summer Monday sizzle. Hope your day is fantastic...and Happy...Happy Monday!


Anonymous said...

I am a professional blog reader. Well, I do have a full time job but my favorite past time is reading blogs. I like your blogs usually, but this one not so much. I think it struck me wrong. I know all of your other comments are glowing and positive, so I am sure you will be deleting this one but I really thought you needed more feedback than just the usual ego stroking I see you getting. First of all I was somewhat offended by the fact that you suggested marrying someone for any reason other than love. I know it was tongue and cheek but you never know who is reading your blog and who might take you seriously. To suggest marrying someone for personal gain is so shallow and offensive, I think there might be a reason you need a dating website to find a man. What man wants to be married just to be used. It's offensive. I know that may sound harsh but your blog was offensive. I also know that you have difficulties in life but why does that stop you from learning to fix your own mower or put up sheet rock? The fact that you whine about needing someone to do those things for you is also offensive. Does it every occur to you that lots of women don't have a man around and have to do those things for themselves? It kind of gives strong, independent women a bad name and that is offensive to women everywhere. I am sorry if this comes off as harsh and like I said I know you will probably delete this, but I thought you ought to know that your blog offended one of your readers. I wish you had a "I didn't care for it" box that I could check. I still like you and your blogs, just not this one. It was offensive!

Thiry said...

I'm glad anonymous still likes your blog, I when reading it realized it was you being smart-alecky....I know if you are able to repair the broken items yourself you would, money being a major issue, all items mentioned require money and know how, so yes you could learn how to repair, but first must have funds to buy parts...I did not take it as giving women a bad name, now if you resorted to stripping and prostitution to get your stuff fixed I would side with Anonymous ....but a woman who works a full time job, runs a side business, deals with a 24 year old with troubles, is raising a 15 year old, and a child with disabilities on her own...among other things, I have to side with you, we all like a little help now and then, I know its nice to have someone to share the burden of maintaining a household and raising children and it would be a heavy burden to do it alone, it would take much more to offend me...