Saturday, June 4, 2011

Hang On....It's Going To Be a Bumpy Ride!

In the famous words of Bette Davis Hang's going to be a bumpy ride! Do you think she was referring to my summer? So far the roller coaster ride has begun. I have gone from being on track, to derailing all within 24 hours. Again....did I jinx myself or is this just the way my life is destined to be when the wind blows past 20 mph and the sun shines? Now don't get me wrong.....nothing astronomical has is just life throwing those cosmic banana peels ever so often just waiting for me slip and so far....I think I have hit every one of them in the last day or so. Sigh! it will get better though. I have faith. After is Saturday and things always look better on a Saturday.....right?

So I have this fb friend whom I think is really funny and his statuses are always very entertaining. He is a friend from my life with Tim so other than what he posts on fb....I know very little about his life. Every so often though he makes comments about Christians and/or church goers and their hypocrisy. The first time I noticed one.....I commented that he couldn't judge all by the few. He sent me a private message telling me that he did not wish to debate the subject and that his opinion stood and then promptly erased what I had posted. I apologized not for what I said....but for offending him (not sure there was a difference there) and then moved on. Last night he posted something else about church goers and hypocrisy. Me being me and apparently having no filter on my mouth or my typing fingers anymore wrote that I would comment, but he doesn't like it when I do! I think it was just to remind him that others might have a different opinion. This bugs me because the person who is obviously feeling judged is in turn judging. I don't believe any of us has the right to judge one another. That is God and only God's right. However, we as humans and especially those of us who are Christians do draw our lines in the sand. We have a moral belief of right and wrong and sometimes when we take a is perceived as judgment. It has been my experience that in these cases.....the person feeling judged already may feel as if they are doing something judgement worthy....therefore if called out on their action or if there action is even commented about....they feel judged. Furthermore....if that person that they feel judged them is a Christian....then obviously they are being hypocritical. Those that are comfortable with who they are and how they act seldom care what anyone including Christians think.

Now the other side of this coin is....there are those Christians who fill a pew every Sunday, but spend Monday thru Saturday appearing to be anything but Christian. Rather than call them hypocrites (after all...that is a bit judgmental and I have not walked a mile in their shoes) I will call them works in progress or those who are trying. Unfortunately those blatant works in progress often give less blatant ones a bad name. It is just another case of the many being judged (oops there's that word again) by the few. And again....if you are secure in who you are....then others judgements of you will slide right off your back like water off a duck. I have said my piece and that and a quarter will not buy you a cup of coffee.

I have no opinion of what today will hold. I find that at this stage of the is much safer that way. Stating things are going well has not worked out well for me and feeling as if things are in the toilet only sets the mood for negativity. So today....I remain opinionless. Stop laughing! you are snorting! This isn't funny! I truly will make no predictions or share any opinions about today. I will merely hope that it turns out to be successful, productive, relaxing, healthful and happy. See completely opinionless and still hopeful! Again with the laughing?

So what to make Saturday's during the month of June. I would like to say I have given it a great deal of thought....but that would be a lie! I guess then we will just wing it. Since Saturday's are traditionally great days where much smiling should go on....I will make Saturday's my Reason's To Smile days!  Today I may have to reach a little deeper than most as I am not feeling really smiley, warm and fuzzyish, but here goes anyway. Today's reason to smile is my kids. Even though at one time or the other they have all driven me to the brink of insanity.....I wouldn't trade a one of them for the world. Each one is a work of art and no two have turned out to even being close to the same. When we were in MO.....four out of five of the kids was there and I was able to get a picture with all of them. It was wonderful having this many together again. So today's Reason's to Smile are: Tiffany, Sean, Z and David and (Wesley who wasn't able to make the trip). I would say I am just one pretty lucky mama!

Well...go forth and do whatever it is this Saturday requires of you. Hope you throw in a little fun and laughter for good measure! Have a great one!

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Catherine said...

Very good post... I loved your graphics!! Over the years i have found it is fairly useless to confront anyone about religion... either they 'get it' or they don't. You know I don't attend church anymore, however my life is still full of daily prayers... and we pray for everything. (And BTW, when we were in the cellar as the tornado passed over, the little fundamentalist who works here blessed himself along with the rest of us... too cute.)