Saturday, June 11, 2011

Hanging, BBQ and Smiles

I was informed yesterday that once again I was leaving people hanging! And once again.....I am sorry. It is a busy place in my over stuffed brain and if I happen to see something shiny.....well's all over. Whatever thoughts, ideas, or stories that were cohabiting my brain, simply vanish. What I am currently referring to is my aunt's newborn grandson who had  heart surgery. It seems I mentioned him a few times but never followed up on how he was doing and apparently you don't mention a babies ill health in a blog and not follow up and let the readers know how he/she is doing. Especially when said baby is having heart surgery. Again....sorry! So here is the story. He had the surgery which went like a dream. Unfortunately he was not able to come off the vent (breathing machine) quite as quickly as they would have liked. They also had an issue with him not wanting to wake up after surgery. It was kind of a roller coaster 48 hours after the surgery.....something I remember all to well from Davids time in the NICU. At any of yesterday, he is off the vent, waking up and responding well. It seems that all is heading in a positive directions. And thank you for all your good thoughts and prayers. I know they made a huge difference. Hope I am now off the hook!

So it is Saturday. It looks to be beautiful outside and the storms that were rumored last night, never all stayed quiet. I am feeling a bit tired this morning. I didn't make it to sleep until almost 3 a.m. Since there were so many teens here last night wanting to go to karaoke...I said I would take them and pick them up. So at midnight, I was picking them up. I think they all had fun. When they started arriving yesterday it look like roadies unloading their truck for a major concert. I had guitars, amplifiers and drums being brought in, not to mention several games systems. I won't lie....I feared for the quiet of my house and wondered which neighbors would be complaining about the noise first. They did manage to keep the noise down....or at least I couldn't hear them over my fan. They swam, they ate, they made acceptable amounts of noise and they karaoked. I guess all in all it was an okay night. I haven't as yet had the nerve to go down and do a body count....or see what my basement looks like. I know what two boys can do to it.....I am terrified to see what damage eight can do. Oy!

While I am still in my unmotivated funk, I do believe I am feeling better. There is much to be done today and honestly I am trying to avoid any thoughts of what I should be doing. A friends husband is setting up a bbq stand downtown, so I know that I will be heading there before long. Also I have some kitchen centered things I need to do, so I will be doing those things, but not sure how much else I will even attempt today. I am thinking the pool sounds good and then who knows what else. Maybe I will just read a good book! The possibilities are endless!

And so Saturdays are for things that make me smile. Honestly....though it may not sound like it, I actually find that many things make me smile. Somethings even make me laugh out loud. One thing that usually always brings a smile to my face my youngest boy David. If you have followed my blog at all....or his, you will know that David is my 10 year old miracle who has special needs and is the joy of our family. Evey accomplishment, every smile, every step is something the drs. said he would never do and we celebrate it all exuberantly. So in every day.....David makes me smile!

 We smiled when Tim held him for the first time!

We smiled when he learned how to sit up in bed by himself!

We smiled when he smiled at us!

We smiled when he played ball!

We smile when he watches Spongebob!

We smile when he is cool!

And most of all....we smile....when David is being David!

Hope one or two of these makes you smile and hope your Saturday is fantabulous!

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