Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Don't Tick Off the IT Guy

I just have to start today by saying....YAY!!!! Lindsay is back!!!! This is followed by tears of joy. For those of you who aren't regular readers.....Lindsay is the one who keeps my son Davids world revolving and evolving while I work. She keeps me sane and keeps David happy and our world has fallen out of syn recently......because she has been on vacation. Thus last weeks melt down and scheduling conflicts due to my inability to keep things running smoothly, without large amounts of help. We have her till August and then she is off to some university who has a big ol' red and blue chicken hawk as its mascot. Eeewww! When she leaves....there will just be no hope for my scheduling and David will be perpetually pissed. If she really cared...she would go to CCCC, but apparently neither she nor her parents feel that my lack of scheduling skills trumps her ability to get a good education. Hmph....some people! So we have her for another 6 weeks....and then we are on our own. I am sure this is not the last of my whining over this situation.

Now that my world is sort of falling back into some kind of normal....whatever that is, it feels kind of nice. My pool pump motor will be fixed tomorrow and I plan on getting in the pool Thursday after work and not emerging until Tuesday.....just before I have to go to work. Actually this upcoming four day weekend is going to be a busy one. Along with having family, kids and whoever else running in and out of my house, there will also be cheesecake baking, getting Z's license, cleaning, laundry, party going, and fireworks. With all of this.....I know this weekend is going to fly by....but for now....just the thought of something different makes the week seem to go a little faster and be a little less mundane.

To give you a few updates...the plants which I planted and thought were dead....well a couple seemed to have survived....despite my best efforts to kill them. The chair remains hidden in my junk room and still unfinished, but I am thinking that will be a nice fall project. The weight is still coming off in small increments....slowly, but there are no gains....so all is good. Working out has fallen to the wayside as I can't get motivated in the heat. Perhaps some nice water aerobics would be the ticket. No heads have hit sheet rock although I still have a gaping hole staring at me. Oven is being repaired......lawn mower as of yet has not. No teenagers have pushed me to the brink lately....and I am not even going to open my mouth about seizures. All in all....things aren't that bad....and they could be a whole lot worse.  So for right now....this very second....I really can't complain, although....we all know that at the drop of a hat....that could change!

So today I leave you with a story who's moral is......don't tick off the IT Guy! Apparently the CEO of a Baltimore substance abuse facility learned this the hard way. By firing the IT guy....he unleashed his wrath and gave him more than enough reason to use his technical powers for anything but good.

Once let go...said IT guy cyber stalked his fellow employees and unleashed mischief of the email kind, switching message recipients and starting a bit of infighting over personal comments not meant for certain peoples eyes. He also played with the CEO's email account sending out fake emails to the facilities distribution list. However.....arguably the most interesting/humorous/embarrassing act of shenanigry happened when IT guy threw a little porn into the CEO's power point presentation touting his accomplishments to foundation big wigs and city officials. Oops!

While we have all had a boss who done us wrong and we would probably love to do a little harmless pranking to get back, IT guy might have had more sinister plans as his antics continued to escalate. Once  his "pranks" led back to him....his house was searched for evidence and the police found homemade gun silencers. Perhaps embarrassment was not all our IT guy had in store for his nemesis CEO! Whatever the case....IT guy is currently serving probation and community service for his technologically bad deeds and CEO has a power point presentation that he will never forget!

So on that note....I wish you a very Happy Tuesday!

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Mama Spaghetti said...

Sheesh...I'm with you, college is overrated. Especially when the balance of your life is at stake. Kidding, kidding...I hope you enjoy the next 6 weeks, though.

That's a crazy story about the IT guy! Makes you really think about how work/relationships really affect people on both sides! Yikes.