Wednesday, June 1, 2011

June, Stupid Criminals and Camels....the Choice of Drs Everywhere

I have made a decision! I have decided that I am NOT going to let June just fly by like all of its predecessors so far this year.  I plan on grabbing a hold and trying to make each moment count. How I am going to do this.....I am really not sure, but I do know if I don't, summer will be here and gone and the next thing I know, it will be December 24th and I will be scrambling to buy last minute Christmas gifts. I have high hopes that June will be a wonderful month and that I will actually get something accomplished. As I have always said.....if you are going to dream.....dream big. 

Yesterday....going back to work was really nice. I had a new big desk that I actually have room to move around at.....and I started my new schedule. I now get off at 3 p.m. It is so nice and my kids were honestly glad to see me walk in the door yesterday afternoon. Hopefully that continues. I also hope that the extra hours in my home life end up equaling more quality time with my kids AND more time to get things done that need to be done. I am really going to try to ween myself off the whole procrastination thing. My MO trip and the days leading up to it were quite an eye opener. While I am not a lover of lists and schedules.....I am beginning to think that at this stage of my is the only thing that is going to save me! The only problem will be making myself pay attention to the schedules and read the lists! Have I mentioned that I am a work in progress?

And speaking of works in progress.....I ran across this article in the news this morning and couldn't help but laugh. It just goes to show....sometimes we are our own worst enemies. Apparently on the run from the law and with a warrant out for his arrest, this genius decided it would be a good idea to broadcast his circumstances while staying at a Travelodge. His first mistake was choosing to stay at a hotel with paper thin walls and his second mistake was deciding it would be a good idea to yell about his circumstances while on the phone. It kind of makes you wonder if jails have certain cells set aside....just for the really stupid inmates?

It is time to go out and make this first day of June count. Hope each of you enjoys the day.  And to change June up a bit....I decided to make every Wed. in June....Retro Commercial Day. So today's commercial takes us back to a time when everyone smoked.......even doctors and not only did they smoke...but they had a favorite cigarette. Have a great Wed.!

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Thiry said...

Love the commercial....and the model must be a relative of Clinton...