Tuesday, June 21, 2011

KAKELAND, Blogger Idol and Vermin

It's a b...e....a.....u....t....i....f....u...l day in KAKELAND! For those of you from Kansas and especially the Wichita area......you know that saying well. For those of you scratching your head and wondering what nonsense this is that I am spouting so early in the morning, well.....here is the scoop. I have no idea who originated the statement, but I do know it is in reference to a local tv station KAKE channel 10 and for as long as I can remember, the Wichita area has been referred to as  KAKELAND! Channel 10 used to have a beloved weather man named Jim O'Donnell who used to start his weather forecast with the statement It's a beautiful Day in KAKELAND! and although O'Donnell has been retired for years and sadly died in 2007, people still use the saying often. And that kiddies is your history lesson for the day!
 Jim O'Donnell

Well, auditions closed last night for Blogger Idol. I believe the last count that they posted was that they had 52 enteries. Among those are a few of my favorite blogs that I proudly gave  a gentle shove into entering. I must say that 52 is quite a respectable number, especially in light of the fact that this is the first year for BI. It is also a lot to read and critique in just 4 days. I don't envy the judges their job in the fact that I know the competition is stiff. I do know that if I don't make the top 12 I will definitely jump on board as a major fan and be eager to see who the BI 2011 turns out to be.

Today is day two of Z driving in Driver's Ed. We survived yesterday's crazy schedule with only one mishap......I got David's neurology appt. wrong. Aarrgghh!!! Since it is a crucial one, we had to reschedule for Thursday afternoon. It is amazing how complicated I can make my own life! Sigh! Anyway....Z got to drive with someone yesterday who doesn't try to put their foot through the floor boards on the passenger side and who doesn't white knuckle the door handle. I am sure it was a nice change for him. It is not that I don't trust Z...I simply think that it is the fact that I am horrible passenger. Riding with anyone drives me insane and the older I get....the worse I get. So Z has ten strikes against him just getting in the car with me. Actually though....he is a pretty decent driver. We have been going out driving since he was about twelve, so he has the basics down....and honestly....when he is a full fledged driver, it is going to make life in my house so much easier. (Yes...once again...ALL about ME!) Play practices, music lessons and school in general are going to become a whole lot easier this next school year when I don't have to drag David out at 10 p.m. in the freezing cold to pick Z up. I am actually looking forward to all of that. The process to getting to that point though.....not so much. The fact that they only actually drive five hours during Driver's Ed and that they have to have 50 hours driving time before they can get their license means that Mom has about 45 hours of white knuckles and profuse sweating in her future. Yay me....NOT! Poor Z!

Well day one of hell week is over. We survived....I survived. Hopefully day two goes as well. I think once this week is done....there needs to be some kind of party or reward involved because I am going to deserve it. It is one of those weeks where although like all my weeks, time seems to speed by, it also feels like life is going in slow motion and I am just biding my time until I am on the other side of this week. Not only is my tricky scheduling in question....but there are some important life questions at stake and by Friday afternoon....all should be answered. Until then....my heart remains in my throat, my nerves will be bundled and my attitude will probably be less than pretty. Welcome to my life folks!

And finally....Thank God I am a small town girl! I have often heard stories of the really large cities and the vermin problem that many of them have, but this story out of Baltimore, MD is just icky! Icky.....as in it made my skin crawl and was on the verge of giving me nightmares. It has always been my belief that police simply don't get paid enough for the job they do. It is bad enough when they have to deal with the human vermin that roam the streets, but when they have to deal with the four legged kind....well that is just wrong. Here is the story of a cop....riding in the passenger seat on his way to a call, when low and behold.....he was attacked from behind. That is right. He felt something on the back of his neck and reaching up to swat it....his hand was met with the sharp teeth of a.....ick....RAT! Being both startled and I am sure grossed out.....he threw the rat out the window and his partner rushed him to the closest ER. On arrival and after treatment, the officer was informed that they needed the rat to make sure it was not diseased. Again.....ICK!!!!!! So the two had to go back to where they had thrown the rat out and see if he was still around. Lucky for them.....the little bast.....er.....um....rodent was hobbling a long the street obviously looking for some other unsuspecting cop to nom! Cornered....apparently the little vermin did NOT understand his rights and refused to cooperate....resulting in his untimely and yet well deserved demise. The injured officer is on leave waiting to find out what if any diseases the little beast carried and Baltimore.......now has one less rat on its streets!

So now it is time to start this crazy day. Hope yours is a great one. Happy Tuesday everyone!


Steve said...

I associate the phrase "It's a beautiful day in KAKEland" with "Capt. Bill" McLean on his KAKE radio show. It appears, sadly, that he passed the same year as Jim O'Donnell. http://www.wibw.com/kakeheadlines/headlines/8783767.html

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Tina Lewis Rowe said...

I just now saw this article, when refreshing my memory about "It's a beautiful day in KAKELAND." I grew up in Arkansas City and moved to Denver many decades ago, but always have thought of Wichita and my childhood and teenaged memories of Wichita television as very special. (I thought our beloved John Froome said that every day, so I'm glad I can attribute it correctly.)

My daughter, who has lived in Denver all her life, is now in her late thirties. She walked outside a few days ago and said, "It's a BEE-U-TI-FUL day in KAKELAND!" Her husband asked her what she meant and she said, "It's just what mom and I always say."

I feel that I did a good job of
raising her!

Thanks for your writing!

Michael Barrett said...

Steve above is correct in his comment, it was indeed Captain Bill McClean,

The original phrase was "It is a beeeauuutiful day in KAKEland, it is nice out there!"