Monday, June 6, 2011

Monday and My Beautiful Niece Kristie!

Ahhhh Monday! While I really have nothing against Monday's......they just come at a bad time in the week for me. Now if say Monday's were more closely attached to Sunday's (as in three day weekend) I think I would have a much better attitude about them. As it is though.....Monday's equal the start of the work week, getting out of bed by alarm....oh and uh......working, so this makes me not quite as big a fan as I am of say.....Friday! Prejudiced? Apparently so and this is one prejudice that all the social education in the world will not change! Look at this....a whole paragraph about nothing....all just to complain about Monday! Isn't that something?! I almost told a secret yesterday that I didn't know was a secret, but today is no longer a now I can actually tell it! Yesterday was our parish priest, Fr. Mike's, 25th jubilee (anniversary as a priest). The church of course decided to throw a celebration dinner.....complete with entertainment. Z was called about six weeks ago and asked if he would sing Josh Groban's song....You Raise Me Up.....which is apparently Fathers favorite song. I didn't even know that Z knew that song.....but he did. While Father knew there was to be a dinner....he knew nothing of the entertainment....which my big mouth almost declared to all 5 of my readers. It could have been embarrassing to say the least!  So yesterday....when the entertainment started.....there were some funny little skits which were really cute and then Z was the final performance. He sang the song acapella. I had to laugh though. I planned on recording it, but I had David with me and every time he hears Z sing he starts "wooooing and clapping" so my recording hands were busy shoving food into Davids mouth to keep him from being the center of attention. Z did beautifully, but just when everyone thought he was done....he came back with a final chorus belted out in a way I had never heard him sing it or anything else. I know my mouth fell open as did the mouths of  many around me. Z can really sing and the older he gets the better he gets. For some reason though.....every time he sings....I am impressed all over again. Maybe it is just mothers pride...or maybe it is because all I hear him sing around the house is that "screemo" stuff which I automatically tune out. Yesterday was a good day.....and I am thinking that Z will soon be recruited for the church choir! attitude is maybe a teensy bit better than I am letting on. My head does not hurt this morning....although it did during the night. I think I am ready to start the week. Now please do not confuse ready with being happy about it. I am just merely ready. Although last night I had a dream/nightmare that I was spending the day fighting with a particularly nasty customer. I hope this incident stays in my nightmares and doesn't prove to be some sign of what is to come today.  That would not make for a pleasant day in Lisaland.

I was thinking about what I would like my Monday's in June to be. Since Monday's are just naturally unpleasant days....I thought I might make Monday's about complaining. Then I was gently reminded that I have an entire blog dedicated to b!tc.....errrr.....uh....complaining, so perhaps I might make Monday about something different. That is when I decided to go a different route. You know....I have warned you and warned might just be the next person I blog about and that is exactly what Monday's will be about......PEOPLE! Well....people in my life to be precise. Again....I warned you. Today I am starting with my niece Kristie!

When I was first taken to MO by Tim all those years niece Kristie was nine or ten. She was a beautiful girl with lots of energy and tons of attitude. Even then I admired her spunkiness and ability to speak her mind not caring what the rest of the world thought. She is a true one of a kind and admist all of her straight forwardness....she has a truly kind and gentle heart. Kristie is now a mom of two beautiful little girls with a new one whose sex has yet to be determined on the way. To say Kristie is a good mom is an understatement. She loves those girls fiercely and it is obvious that they are crazy about her. Kristie and her husband Adam make me laugh as they banter back and forth (reminding me of myself and her Uncle Tim) and yet you see a definite unity between them. They stay busy going to the girls athletic events, family events and Kristie makes t-shirts for the various clubs and groups in her area. She even had a bag with Davids name on it ready for him when we got there. He and I both loved it. Kristie had a disappointment after the boys and I left MO. It was a situation that was both unfair and unwarranted and had it happened while I was there......Aunt Lisa might have had to let go with her already unfiltered mouth. I know the whole thing left Kristie feeling unappreciated and unrespected.....not to mention just down right bad. I would change all of that in a heartbeat if I could, but since I can't....I will just say this.

Dear Kristie,
You are special....very special. I have known that from the beginning and whether you know it or not....when one door closes....a window always opens. It has been my experience that when that window opens...what is behind it is often times better than what you had before. You are an honest, hard working and very loving young woman and you have a lot to give both your family and the world. Don't ever let anyone make you feel that (in the words of Pink) you are anything less than perfect, because you are simply the world to those who know and love you. Me....being one of those lucky ones. So smile Kristie and know that you are loved and those who make you cry really don't matter.....only those that make you smile should have a place in your world.'s to you and a wonderful summer. Make it a brand new start and know that your Aunt Lisa loves you, admires you and can't wait to see you again and make you a Butterfinger cheesecake....all your own!

Sometimes you just have to let the world know how special someone is....and Kristie truly is....just that special! On that note....I leave you with a smile (sort of) and wish each and every one of you....a very Happy Monday!

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