Thursday, June 9, 2011

My Inner Child....and Ticks!

I give up! Yep....that's right! I just simply give up! Or maybe the better term is.....I give in! I have not made it out of bed before 6 a.m. any day this week and most was closer to 7. Of course the flip side to that is, I am staying up until midnight (watching hair videos on youtube) or closer to 1 a.m. fixing a class group on fb. I know, my priorities are shot (almost put an "i" there). I just can't seem to get it together this week. I think my inner child is rebelling. She no longer wants to be an adult and is jealous of all who actually get a summer vacation and can stay up late and in turn sleep late and in between just laze around. I am beginning to think that jobs and work are way over rated. The only problem is....electricity, water, internet (of course), and food are not! Darn this whole adult thing. It sure didn't look like this in the brochures when I was seventeen and dreamed of being on my own! Sigh! rather than punish my inner child for her rebellion and bad behavior, I think I will play the permissive parent....give her ice cream, pat her on the head and make some excuse for her indiscretions and hope that next week is better. Yeah! I'm liking the sound of that! So today and tomorrow I am off the hook. I will not push myself or get angry with my own lack of motivation.....but has to end there! And the rebellious child smiles slyly and says......Yeah! Sure! Whatever you say! skipping off and realizing she has won this battle and most likely the war! Again....Sigh!

So my kids were in the pool last night when they realized that there were tons of little black bugs in there with them. On further inspection, those little black bugs were in fact.....ticks! Eeeeeewwwwwww! Okay, you know those snakes that I hate with a passion? Well ticks happen to be a notch above snakes in my unfavoritist (don't judge my artistic license with word creativity) wildlife! I am not afraid of them, after all in human to tick ratio....I win! But I am afraid what some varieties of those little basta....ummm.....bugs can do! With David and his issues and Z being able to contract every exotic disease known to house hold is just begging for a good bought of Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever or some other equally nasty tick spread disease. From what I hear....the ticks are particularly bad this year and I am starting to believe it. I guess I will have to find some kind of yard spray that kills ticks and get to spraying. And yes boys.....I'll be checkin' you for ticks!

The sky is really funky looking this morning. And of course....the wind is blowing. I haven't actually listened to any weather, but it does look like something might be brewing. We could certainly use a good storm to cool things off and settle the atmosphere a bit. It would also save me from having to go out and water things. The things I am referring to are the two plots of land on either side of my porch that I jokingly refer to as......flower beds. I so do not have a green thumb and from the looks of my beds.....I have been able to single handedly destroy the green thumb attempts of others. If it weren't for perennials.....there would be nothing there and they have left me notice that unless I change my ways....even they will not return next year! It is truly a sad state of affairs. I really wish I cared more....but unfortunately I just don't have the time or energy to do it all....and so they wither, need weeded and I am sure.......curse me every time I walk by. Perhaps next week.....I will do better.  And once again.....Sigh! as not to look a fool two days in a row.....I went back and double checked what Thursday's are in June. They are "shout outs" and "prayer requests!" this covered! So here we go!

Today's Shout Outs:

A shout out to the MHS class of 1982 who didn't unfriend me on fb, message me with abuses, or threaten me with bodily harm as their phones went off umpteen times last night as I was making a new class group and moving numerous pictures to it. You guys rock!

A shout out to our parish priest Father Mike for all he has done for St. Michael's and for all the thousands of jokes he has told since he has been here. Congratulations on 25 years of exceptional service to God!

A tearful shout out to all those who have rolled up their shirt sleeves and have dived in to help the tornado victims all over the country this storm season. You make peoples lives easier in such a difficult time and help to bring hope to a struggling community. Thank you!

And finally....a huge shout out to whoever thought up Blogger Idol! Just reading up on it and hearing some of the buzz around it makes it a fun and exciting challenge  to see if you make it to the final 12. Make it or not is great fun to be a part of and a tremendous way to get the creativity flowing. Thanks guys!

Prayer Requests:

Again I ask prayers and good thoughts for all of those recovering from this seasons tornadoes. Finding their way back to any kind of normal will be hard fought, so please keep them close in your prayers.

Prayers for Eric Love who is on his way to Ohio to find out if he needs heart surgery.

Prayers for a mother and father who lost their 23 year old son this week.

Prayers for a family who lost a member to suicide on Saturday.

Prayers for the farmers who are in the middle of harvest. May they stay safe and have profitable yields.

Finally....prayers for my Aunts grand baby who underwent heart surgery yesterday. He is right at a week old and last I heard was doing well.

Don't forget....if you have a shout out or prayer request that you would like me to mention....just let me know and I will be glad to include it.

Well....I guess I should get this day started. The child in me actually wants to go back to bed.....however, the adult in my wants to eat, and food always trumps there you have it. Work it is! Hope you all have a wonderful Thursday. Be good, be safe....and most of happy!


Marni said...

HYE!! My inner child wants to goof off and play too!!!!! Good luck with that one.
And I need a shout out....for all our service members serving here and overseas...a special lil shout out to Phillip who is in Iraq! thanks

Cmom said...

Shouting out for our military..especially overseas and Phillip. Will also be sure to include them next Thursday! Thanks Marni! :)