Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Net, Idol and Answers

Last night I found myself mesmerized. No....truly I did!!! I spent the entire evening on youtube looking at videos on how to style long hair. It was fascinating! Most of the girls doing the videos were not (I believe) from here. Most in fact were Asians with Asian hair and I was wondering if some of the styles would translate to my hair as my hair is in no way as nice or of the same manageability quotient as these girls. The styles were very cute though and for the most part....fairly easy. What actually gave me the idea was another blog that I read had a video on it about how to curl long hair without heat. I watched the video and was hooked. Last nights venture started out as me looking for other ways to create curl without heat....and before I knew it.....I had crossed over into styles. I literally watched these videos until my eyes would not stay open another second. I think my kids thought I was nuts. Oh that was the first time.

The whole youtube video thing got me to thinking. The internet is truly an amazing resource...and yet I think the only generation that honestly appreciates all that it holds, is the generation of my kids. They have been brought up on it and they know no world without it. They were taught from birth to look things up on the internet, to learn from the internet and to ALWAYS use the internet as their go-to tool. While my generation has learned over time to "use" the internet....we don't make full use of it because we were taught to look things up in encyclopedia's, dictionaries, and to read directions that were suppose to be available to us with every purchase of a new toy or equipment. Now a days though...everything is available on the internet from recipes to hairstyles and from how to's on  building things to how to's on crafting. It really is a complete world.....IF you remember it is there.....and know how to use it. I must say that I am getting better about using it.....but there are still those moments when I panic and try to find that which is not to be found or contemplate spending money on someone or something that can help me accomplish a task.......when in reality the instructions are just a mouse click away!

Speaking of the cyber world (nice segway....right?!) I learned about and entered......Blogger Idol 2011! Without the world of internet....there would be no blogs.....merely journals that laid in bedside tables never read. But thanks to this wonderful electronic age.....our most personal thoughts, funny stories and best gossip can be laid out wide open for the rest of the world to gander at. And kick it up a notch, we can be awarded for our! How it works submit your blog to a panel of judges and they will look it over and decide if it is worthy of the top 12! If you make it into the top 12 then you are given weekly things to blog about and each week someone is voted off the island! Oops.....wrong show! Oh yeah.....each week someones blog is eliminated until finally only one blog is left standing.....making it the winner of Blogger Idol 2011. There are some really nice prizes involved and the blog exposure is amazing. Most importantly just sounded like a lot of fun. As I said....I submitted my blog yesterday and I think it is towards the end of June when we find out if we made it or not. If I did....then it will be up to my readers to vote for me. So all five of you better get ready to get your vote on. 

So other than some youtube watching and Idol entering.....not much is going on in Lisaland. It is still hot and my getting out of bed seems to be getting harder and harder, but other than that....pretty boring stuff.  Since Wednesday is considered hump would think that life might be a bit more exciting around here (good exciting....not bad exciting), but alas....not so much! So I guess it is time to get on with the day.

Oops....can't get away without deciding what Wednesday's in June will be. Okay....actually I decided this several days ago. I still get questions from people all the Wednesday's will be Q & A day. Each Wed. I will answer three questions that readers, friends or complete strangers have asked me. If you have any questions....feel free to comment, email me, or just come up to me at the store and ask. Your question just might get answered....right here! Today's Q & A:

From lady at Walmart (think her name is Sue): Have you ever finished your chair that you were working on and if so, can we see pictures?  Ummmm.....well Sue, the answer is no! And in fact until you  asked me about it, I had forgotten about it. It sits in my junk room downstairs gathering dust I am sure. I do plan to finish it....just not sure when, but when I do you can bet there will be pictures!

From A.D.: You talk about your son being a good singer. Did he get that from you? Absolutely, positively, irrevocably......NO! I have the anti-voice. I can't carry a tune in a bucket. My son got his voice from his father. Tim had a beautiful voice and thankfully that is the voice that Z inherited.

And finally from Ann6343: Some of your blog pieces are quite funny. Do you consider yourself a funny gal? Good question! And in good question I mean....let me think about this for a minute. No....I really don't see myself as particularly funny. Sometimes life is funny and I guess that translates well to paper. I pretty much just call things as I see them....but I do always try to find humor in every again....maybe that translates too!

Thank you for the questions. Keep them coming. And I will end this by wishing you all a glorious mid week Wednesday!

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