Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Strange night last night! I had nightmares ALL night long. And they were true nightmares. They were scary....full of ghosts, strange happenings (kept hearing some kind of flute in the background), and non-existent individuals walking through walls and levitating outdoors. It was spooky and while I can't remember all the details, I do remember waking up with a start over and over again. I also remember having to talk myself down off the fear ledge in order to actually get out of bed to go to the bathroom. It was a really weird night....the likes I have not been through since I was a kid. Not sure what prompted the whole fright night affair, but whatever it was......hope it doesn't happen again.

Needless to say....I am exhausted this morning from fighting ghouls and running from ghosts all night. I also had visits in my dreams from not one.....but two ex-boy friends from my past. It didn't help that in my dreams they didn't believe my plight and thought I was simply psychotic or insane....or possibly both. Figures.....little has changed.....even in my dreams. Wow! What a way to start Tuesday!

I am feeling a bit restless today. I feel as if I need to shake things up a bit. Not sure exactly what that means. Do I need to change my toenail polish......or do I need to redo a room in my house? (I certainly know of a wall that needs my attention!) I am just not sure what I am needing/wanting....just know that today I feel like I need a change! Any suggestions?

I currently feel a bit better about the teen angst in my house. Apparently it is an epidemic and it is striking many teen inhabited households all across the land. Since I posted my blog Sunday and Monday.....I have had many texts, fb messages and emails telling me that I am not alone with the whole teen battle thing. It appears that if you have  one of these teen type individuals living in your house between the ages of 13 and 23....then most of you also have some form of teen angst going on in your home. It is somewhat reassuring to know that I am not alone in this and from experience I do know that life does go on and that it does get better.....you just go gray a lot faster and by the time they are grown.....you drink a lot more!

So today is Tuesday and that means weird story/news day! This story is truly weird. Well...weird in the fact that people can be so stupid. Maybe tragically stupid would be a better description of this story! Most of you are familiar with facebook and likely most of you even have an account. We talk to each other, keep connected and catch up with old friends....but who of you here.....has used this social network to hire a hitman? Yeah....that's right! And she didn't even do it by private message. She posted it on her wall!!! Man....how smart is she? Apparently this young woman was mad at her baby daddy, so she decided he had to go! Go as in.....be dead! And how does a modern girl find a hitman these day? Why facebook of course!!!!! So she posted a request for all hitmen reading her post to reply. (That right there makes you wonder just who is in her friend list!) Sadly....her friends are obviously just as stupid (if not more so) than she is.....because low and behold....someone offers to do the deed for her. And to make this story just that one touch weirder......her baby daddy's mom was apparently in her friends list as she was the one who saw the post and turned her in!!! So what have we learned here kiddie? Facebook for chatting!!!! NOT hiring hitman!!!! But if you must.....please private message. Yes.....we do in fact....live in a world full of really stupid people!

Hope this Tuesday finds you happy, smiling and ready for a wonderful day. Happy Tuesday!

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