Sunday, June 5, 2011

Only a Generation Away.....

Well....I have killed yet another snake in my yard. Here it is Sunday morning and I am out killing. You have to love the irony. I am pretty sure it was a garter snake, but can a snake be rabid.....cause that little sucker was coming after the dogs and me....unprovoked?! Sadly....I don't have one tool in my garage that is sharp enough to cut butter....let alone do damage to a snake. He did eventually meet his maker, but not without a hard felt fight from both sides. He was trying with all his heart and soul to bite something and I was not up for being that something. Thank goodness I have watched a lot of the Crocodile Hunter and Billy the Exterminator to have my game on where this little...uh...err....huge snake was concerned. Let us just say....unless he was a possum playing snake (which in Lisaland that is not out of the realm of possibility) he will never strike again!

I just had an entire paragraph written when I realized that what I had written was a secret! I almost spilled the beans. THAT would have been embarrassing.....especially on a Sunday! Apparently even while blogging I have a big mouth. Tomorrow though...if I remember....I should be able to share with no secrets being told. Of course by tomorrow....I will likely be on to some other foolishness. You just never can tell with me.

Today I woke up with my chronic headache....yet again. This will be day 4 or 5 that my head has hurt. It is not all the time....but it is every day and off and on. Sometimes it is worse than others. Yesterdays was bad enough that I had to lay down. This morning the meds seemed to put a kibosh on it.....I am just hoping it holds out the rest of the day. I think it is a combination of the heat and also my nose seems to stay a bit stuffy. Zyrtec is either not doing it's job or is doing it and without it I would  really be in pain. Either way....I am a bit tired of the headache and want it to go away.

So...if we don't know faith....then we can't implement it! Correct? No? Maybe? You are not sure???? Pulling from Fathers sermon this morning and then adding my own slant that is what I came up with. Father said....."We are only one generation away from a complete loss of faith." Meaning.......if our parents hadn't taught us faith, nor their parents them, nor their parents them....and on and would be a very valuable grace/tool lost and no one would know that it is there nor how to use it. Faith has been passed down from the beginning of time. It has been found and lost many times over....but it continues on because one person (and originally one is all it takes) continues to believe and pass it on.

I myself was taught faith. I was taught that without it, life holds very little for us and life's journey can become far more difficult than it needs to be. As a child my faith was strong because I trusted that my mother was wise and she just knew! When I grew older and suddenly became much wiser than my poor, dear mother.....then I questioned faith. Mine...hers....everyone's!  I questioned everything! Then....when I realized that God and even my mother were far wiser than myself and that God opens doors and heals hearts, minds and bodies with even the tiniest bits of faith......I realized that faith was not only a want but a need in my life. Now I have passed it on to my children. They too will believe, question, and I have faith.....will always come back to faith. I will do my best to make sure that this is not the generation in which faith will be lost. is Sunday and I actually did put some thought into what I would like to do for Sunday's in June. I would like to keep them open. Open for anything, just like I would like to keep myself for this beginning to my week and ending to my weekend. When you are open.....anything is possible and that is how I would like to keep my Sundays....full of possibilities and anything I choose or any direction I am led. Currently.....I have droned on I am end it here. Hope your Sunday is wonderful and full of possibilities! Happy Sunday!


Michael said...

Scary snake! Just saw one in my own backyard. Nearly fainted. :)

Becca Rowden said...

Love how you are killing one minute and then having faith the next!! LOL :)