Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Oops....A Faux Pas!

Oops!!!! I would like to say there is a reason for my blatant blogging faux pas....but the truth is...I'm an idiot and I obviously forgot what the heck I was doing. Last Wed. I started the "something different daily" for June and I started it with Wed. being "retro commercial day!" Today though....I started a brand new theme.....Q & A. A very astute and obviously avid reader just pointed this out to me. All I can say is ....sorry, but thanks for the catch! Not sure how I will remedy this other than get two posts. So as not to disappoint anyone, I will also give you a retro commercial and decided what to do on Wed.!

So here folks is your retro commercial. This is a circa 1960's Coca Cola commercial. Makes you wonder from the looks of it....if this is when they were still making it with the other kind of "coke"?! So go have a Coke and enjoy the rest of your day!

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