Thursday, June 2, 2011

Oversleeping, Writing, Traveling, Jinxing, Shouting and Praying! I am way behind....yet again. I overslept this morning which as we all know...throws me completely off my day. Add to that...actually having to work before I blog, and life becomes a real mess. Oh...and let us not leave out the headache I have and the heat and humidity. So far it is turning into a day of magnificent proportions.

The upside to all of this is....I have been offered the chance to teach a weekly class at BCCC this fall (on Saturdays). It will be the same class I taught at the free college day this spring (Beg. Creative Writing and Blogging) stretched out into 13 sessions. The big difference here is...people actually have to "pay" to take the class. I was offered a similar opportunity last year, but unfortunately no one wanted to pay for my vast creative writing knowledge and at the time I wasn't offering the blogging info. Apparently though...BCCC wants me to try it again this year. This time, as I said.... I will be offering it on Sat. maybe that will help. I guess even if it doesn't pan out, I have to look at it as one of was an honor just to be asked type things.

Going to MO has certainly given me the travel bug. I have sat at my desk the last two days just longing to get on the road again. I have a family reunion in July (just a weekend) that I am planning on going to and I would love to try to make a trip to Branson this summer. We will see if that works out. I would also like to take some short day trips on the weekends. I don't want this summer to zoom by and have nothing to show for it. My summers with the kids being young enough to actually be interested in going anywhere with me are limited, so I would truly like to get the most out of this summer that I can. One of the nice things going to MO was....we learned that David is an exemplary traveler. Part of the time he watched Spongebob, part of the time he listened to music with Z and I, and part of the time he was content just looking out the window. It was a really peaceful trip (except when I made it not quite so peaceful!) So I am really not afraid to try it again. Dang why couldn't I be rich so I could take the kids somewhere every weekend?! Sigh!

I am almost afraid to say anything afraid that I might jinx myself...but so far, things seem to be good in Lisaland. The house is clean (thank you again Thiry). the laundry is staying caught up, the pool is clean, the lawn is done, the garage is clean and we have not had mono or uncontrolled seizures so far. I know....I can hear the collective SHUT UP! coming from all directions. Every time I open my mouth with such gibberish....the bottom falls out of my life. Still, I refuse to believe in jinxes so I will tempt fate and say that I am merely pointing out the current facts as I know them. Check back with me tomorrow and see who ended up in the ER tonight!

Well, every month I have been trying to change the blog around a bit. This month I am trying to make each day a different theme. So far I have Wednesday's as retro commercial day. Got lots of comments on yesterdays commercial. It appears that everyone liked the oxymoronism (my word)  of drs. having a preferred cigarette in the 1950's. Wonder how many of them died from lung cancer since the 70's? Where was I? Oh yeah....themed days. I think that Thursday will be shout out/prayer request day. We seem to get so busy in our daily lives that we sometimes forget about those we could help with nothing more than a simple, silent prayer. So during the month of June..we will be shouting out and praying (or at least thinking good thoughts!) Also...if you have a shout out or prayer request...don't hesitate to ask and I will include it. So here we go today:

Shout Outs:

Would like to give a shout out to all my family who took time to come and see me when we were in MO! It was great fun and I love seeing you all. And also a shout out to those who couldn't make it but were there in spirit. Hope to see you next time.

A shout out to the local weather man who predicted 30+ mph winds today.....and wasn't wrong.

A shout out to Pizza Johns in Derby who I have the pleasure of working next door to. Your pizza is always fantastic and you never fail to make my tummy happy.

A shout out to Dr. Sanchez with the Wichita Clinic who called me personally to talk about my genetic testing for cancer. Talking to a dr. on the phone is nearly as rare as a dr. who makes house calls.

And finally....a shout out to whoever it was that invented flip flops. If only they could have known how happy they would make my feet in the summer time! I truly have HAPPY FEET!

Prayer Requests:

For all who pray or are just willing to think good thoughts....let us not forget all the victims and family of victims who have been in the recent tornado's.

Please pray for Joplin.

A prayer request for my aunt and her twin grand babies born on Tuesday and who are in the NICU.

A prayer for my friend Sam's niece Aaliyah who is also in the NICU.

Prayer request for Kim Smith who is recovering from cancer.

Prayer request for Eric Love who is  going out of state next week to a heart specialist.

And finally asking prayers for all recent high school and college graduates as they step out into the world and embark on new lives and new careers.

Hope today finds you all happy, healthy and one step closer to the weekend! Happy Thursday everyone!

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