Saturday, June 25, 2011

Peaceful Feelings

Well....yesterday came and went with very little recollection. The parts that I do have a vague memory of weren't particularly it is probably good that the memories are vague. The one thing however.....that I do remember and which rang out loud and clear was that I am fine. No problems, no issues and a clean bill of health. While I still don't know whether I will be jumped back to the five year plan or jumped forward to the one year plan....I am just happy that this year is over and that all is well. The side pain is evidently muscular and I will be hitting up my regular dr. for some muscle relaxers and call it good. Peace of mind is such a wonderful thing.....and something I have so seldom....I believe I will just bask in it while I can.

The sad news.....I did not make the top 12 for Blogger Idol. Sigh!!!! I am sure however that I was probably the 13th one and it was most likely a hard fought battle between me and #12. (Shhhhhh.....I can lie to myself if I want to!) I do now though, get to play a blogger god of sorts and help decide who does and doesn't make it to the finale. While I haven't had much of a chance yet to check out the contenders....I plan on doing it thoroughly this weekend and getting my vote on every week. I am sure you will see my shameless promotion of my favorites on here quite often....along with my heartfelt encouragement for you to go and vote too. I do want to say though....good luck to all the winners....oh and look out next year.....'cause Mama's gonna be in Idol #2!

Reading yesterday's blog, I had to laugh. That was written pre-anesthetic and it was pretty out there. Guess that is what spending your night upright and sleepless gets you. I have to admit my head was in a pretty bad place yesterday morning. Even on my way to the procedure and during the prep....right up to the time that they put me out.....I was a nervous mess. My blood pressure jumped to 153/93 and the nurses were laughing at me. My heart rate was fluctuating between 95 and 120 depending on what they were doing. They told me once the meds were in me and I was bp was a nice 118/77 and my heart rate slowed to a nice even 60. No wonder stress kills people. It throws your body completely out of whack. Believe it or brother whom I know you remember me referencing before was the one who took me yesterday, and in many ways....he turned out to be God sent. When he wants to....he can be quite humorous....thank goodness yesterday he was in full humor. It helped me not to focus so much on me (like that ever truly happens) and focus more on his craziness. It actually did make the time go faster and the process a little easier. Thanks Andy!

So in the last 24 hours...I have probably slept about 15 and I feel really pretty good today. There is nephew babysitting along with bill paying and house cleaning on today's agenda. Throw in a little laundry and some chauffeuring and you have a complete day. Believe me....I am not complaining. Quite to the contrary....I say Bring it On!!!! I am enjoying this peaceful feeling and hoping that it takes me all the way through the weekend. We all know that is about the statue of limitations on peace in my life, but I will enjoy it while it lasts. Yay for peaceful feelings! what makes me smile today? Just about anything and everything, but one thing that makes me smile just about any the memory of the trip that Z and I took to Disney World in 2005. It was the first part of December and the only trip Z and I had ever taken together. It was wonderful and magical and a time that I will both remember and cherish. I am sure that DW is exciting and beautiful at any time of the year....but in my opinion....Christmas was absolutely spectacular. I would love to take that trip again sometime...but if not, I will always have my memories of Z and I and the December of 2005.

Here is hoping that today is wonderful, peaceful and happy for all. Happy Saturday!

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