Thursday, June 23, 2011

Seizures, Driver's Ed and Colonoscopies....I Need a Little Cool

Yesterday was not one of my better days, but as days and weeks go....I certainly hope it ends up being my worst day of the week. That would mean that the worst is over and the rest is smooth sailing!

I got called home from work yesterday as David was having a seizure. And of wasn't one of his normal ones....but something new and different for me to think about....worry about....and obsess over. After meds, careful watching and it taking the dr. a painfully long time and numerous phone calls to decide whether this was a ER/hospital worthy seizure or not....we ended up being able to stay home and just weather the storm here. David spent his afternoon fluctuating between extreme clinginess and borderline aggression. It was no fun for anyone involved. Finally it all just got the better of him and he was down for the count. It all felt very reminiscent of this time last year and didn't help the stress of my already stressful week one bit...but as usual...we survived. Thank goodness he has his neurology appt. this afternoon. remember....the one I got all wrong at the beginning of the week?! Guess there is a reason for everything.

I have decided that perhaps I am not the person who should be teaching Z to drive. I think  my neuroticness (again....a word if I say so!) is rubbing off on him. He is starting to second guess himself behind the wheel and apparently forgetting anything and everything he knew pre-drivers ed. That and for whatever reason....his instructor is not exactly instilling self-confidence in the kid. He lets Z's partner drive 3/4 of the time and only lets Z drive about 20 min. of the allotted two hour time period. At the rate we are going.....Z's driving confidence will be zero and I will end up chauffeuring him everywhere for the rest of my life. Ain't happenin'! So this out! Z and his neurotic mother will be out on the road, hitting every dirt road, toll road and interstate we can find. By of two things will have happened. Either I will have ruined him behind the wheel forever and his car will be for sale.....or he will be a much more confident driver! Please God...let it be the latter!

Just one more day until the big "C". Today (or tonight rather) is going to be the REALLY not fun part. It is all part of the process....but it is not a very pleasant part. However unpleasant is all a means to an end (no pun intended....although that was pretty good) and within a little over 24 hours I should either have more reason to worry....or none at all! Again....Please God....let it be the latter! I did call the drs. office yesterday to see if they had the genetic testing results yet and according to the nurse I talked could still be another two weeks before those results are in. So much for the original two weeks I was promised. Oh hurdle at a time! Again.....prayers and good thoughts are very welcome.

Tomorrow is also the announcement of the top 12 finalists for Blogger Idol. Unless the announcement comes before 6 a.m. tomorrow.....I am pretty sure I will know nothing until sometime tomorrow afternoon or evening. Although BI has no real significance in my life in the big scheme of is something really fun that has taken the edge off this week. It has given me something to think about other than my life! If I don't make it.....well no harm, no foul....but if I do....that would really be kind of cool....and we all know that I can use all the "cool" in my life that I can get! Especially with a  life full of seizures, driver's ed and colonoscopies. Yeah....I could definitely use a little "cool!'

So onto today's Shout Outs:

A shout out to RD's County Line Bar and Grill......the food Sat. night was yummy and the atmosphere as always was fun. Can't wait til my next night out!

Shout out to the big Dillon's in Derby for always seeming to carry the new and cutting edge items (especially the Weight Watchers stuff). I love Dillons!

Shouting out to David's para Niki who is spending part of her summer coming to the house and working with David so he doesn't lose any of his school skills over the summer. Thanks have no idea just how much you are appreciated.

And finally a shout out to all my facebook friends who freely and openly critique businesses and stores in the area. I am sure that just reading these critiques has saved me from some really unhappy dining and purchasing thank you and keep up the good work.


Asking prayers for all the families of the KS kids who have died suddenly in the past week. There have been numerous kids killed in accidents (auto, drowning, etc) in the past week or so and I am asking thoughts and prayers for their friends and families in this difficult time.

Prayers for all the "new" drivers who will soon be getting their licenses.... that their hands stay on the wheel, their minds stay on the road, and their focus stays on the task at hand. May they stay safe and help to keep others safe on the road as well!

Prayers for all those who are traveling during these summer months. May their time be fun and their travels be safe.

And finally.....for all the soldiers serving and especially for those serving on foreign soil. May they stay safe and come home soon!

So here is wishing each and every one of you.....the best Thursday so far!

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Sestaks in Texas said...

Prayers are with you, Lisa. I've been through that procedure several times and the hard part is the day before. Once you get past that, it's a piece of cake! Remember that for every valley in your life, there is a peak waiting around the corner.