Monday, June 13, 2011


Have you ever made it through a day, looked back and realized that the only word you can think of for getting through that day was......survival!????? Well that is how yesterday was for me. The only way I got out alive and with all my children in tact was a mixture of prayer and uber survival skills. was just that bad of a day. I was so tired by bed time last night that I literally think I was sleeping before my head hit the pillow.

When last we left our fair family.....the teen and I were in neutral corners trying to cool off and compose ourselves. I knew that there was to be a skirmish still yet to come, but I had no idea that it would be a full on war of biblical proportions. Suffice it to say that it got loud and everything but my gray hair got dragged into it. (You don't diss the gray hair or I will kill you on the spot!) At any rate when the smoke cleared.....all were still standing but there was an awful of emotional wound licking going on. Have I mentioned that I am not a fan of the teen years?

After all was once again calm and punishments had been put into place, I decided to go to the store. What the heck was I thinking? As I was starting to get back in the car this lady had her young son with her. He was maybe 3. He was having a fit right there in the parking lot. Must have been the day for it. Anyway, for whatever reason he just yanked out of his mother's hand and shoved my car door with both his hands. The door swung shut with my arm still hanging out. The pain brought tears to my eyes. The child just laughed and not a normal laugh, but one of those eerie little Chucky type laughs. colorful words flew out of my mouth. I think I was just way too shocked. The lady looked embarrassed and said...." okay?" Oops? Really? Just Oops? I just looked at her....still shocked and in pain. I had no words for Oops. She just put her head down.....grabbed young Chucky by his horns and headed on into the store. After the initial throbbing stopped....I headed home wondering where all this was coming from and just what I had done of late to warrant such an interesting day?

Once home and an inspection of my arm showed that there appeared to be little to no bruising....I decided to just lay across my bed and relax. I needed to relax. So as I lay there....I can see directly down the hall to Davids room. He is in there playing with Z. Z is down on the floor tickling him and then they get up and play cars. Eventually Z decides he has other things he needs to do, so he gets up and starts picking up. In the middle of the quick clean....the phone rings and being the teen that he is and thinking every  phone call is for him ( usually is) he starts to make a mad dash across Davids room to get to the phone. As he does, David just causally reaches up and grabs Z's leg causing Z to start to fall. He is not exactly sure where David is at this point and doesn't want to fall on him so he flips his body mid air causing him to fall backward and slam the back of his head against David's wall. His head went straight through the sheet rock as he slid down the wall. As I fly down the hall.....Z is asking if David is okay and David is sitting in the middle of the floor laughing hysterically because Z went "boom!" I could have just cried. After making sure that Z was okay and scolding David for grabbing his leg.....I checked out the wall. head size hole! All I could say was....REALLY?

Although we ended the rest of the day with no further incidents.....I think you can now see why I am using the word "survival." It was just one of the absolute most difficult days in a long time. I am so thankful that we all made it through without casualties. Well...unless you include my wall. Anyone know a good cheap sheet rock guy? is Monday and in June....that means people day. Today I chose a friend of mine....who is probably one of the funniest and kindest people I know. I met Chris in junior high. She was all of about 4 foot tall but had the personality of someone much larger. She had beautiful long blonde hair, was a cheerleader, and still was one of the nicest people you would ever meet. Somewhere along the way.....Chris and I became friends....even though she tried to kill me on her 16th birthday. Note to parents: Never give your child a car with a stick shift....which they have never driven and then let them put a whole bunch of kids in the back and take off! I'm just sayin'! I really thought I might not make it home alive that night!

After high school...Chris and I drifted in and out of each others lives, until I started selling Mary Kay. Chris at the time was a stay at home mom looking for something she could do and still be with her kids. Low and behold....Mary Kay was a good fit for her. Me....not so much. She went in....and I went out and 25+ years later....she is still in!

Over the years, Chris married the love of her life, had three handsome boys and is now the grandmother to one cute little red head. She is still Ms. Personality and being around just can't help but laugh and be happy. Chris is one of the best no-maintenance friends as she and I can literally go for months....and at times even years without talking and then get together as if no time had passed.

In recent years Chris has been a God-send to my life showing up at the ER several times (once in the middle of the night) when she knew David had been taken in. She even made sure Z had a wonderful 4th of July last year when David was having seizure issues and was in the hospital. She brought us a complete Thanksgiving dinner a couple of Thanksgivings ago when David had surgery and she is one of the few people that I know that if the bottom were falling out of my life....she would be one of the first there to pick up the pieces. And Chris's kindness goes way beyond me. I constantly talk to people that Chris has helped, whether it has been some generous act or just her taking a minute to talk to someone when they need it most. This is just Chris.

As if selling Mary Kay, taking care of her family and being grandma weren't enough.....Chris has also taken on a yearly bbq at her house during our towns festival....Old Settlers. She opens her beautiful home and yard up to family and friends so that they have a quiet comfortable place to gather, talk, and have a great time. Few people I know (including myself) are that generous...and yet again....that is just Chris!

As friends go.....Chris is one of my oldest here in Mulvane and as I have gotten older.....I have learned both to appreciate and cherish that friendship. Chris is still a little thing with a personality as big as all out doors, but she is also beautiful and smart....and someone I am very proud to call friend!

So on that is hoping that I have no more days like yesterday and that your Monday is bright, cheerful and full of summer fun!

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