Monday, June 20, 2011

Too Much Monday

The weekend went by painfully fast. Of seems as if they always do. Except for last weekend. I couldn't wait to be rid of it, but normally.....they just never last long enough. Well, I guess that I am ready for this week. It is going to start busy and end a bit unpleasantly (but will talk about that further on down the line). For now, I just want to get through the day with no upsets, mishaps or horrifically severe storms like the weather forecasters are claiming we might have. Already I am feeling like there is a little too much Monday going on!

Today I have forced myself out of bed early as I have got to juggle Davids neurology appt., Z's driving schedule AND his actual drivers ed class, along with work.....and all without my trusty Lindsay here to manage Davids daytime life. I have no idea how or even IF it is all going to work. I have tentative plans put into place, but plans and I seldom quite honestly, today could turn into a major disaster. And today is not alone. This whole week will be like this (minus the neurology appt) as this is Z's week to drive which means drivers ed twice a day and of Lindsay as she is on vacation. It is my own fault though.....because I can't plan anything to save my life. Oh well, I've done my's all in the Big Man Upstairs hands now and He has never failed me yet and my guess is that this week won't be the exception.

Today is the last day to get your auditions in for Blogger Idol 2011. Come on guys.....some of you have wonderful blogs and the world needs to know you are there. As I said before, auditioning is painless and fairly quick. All you need to do is a email BI 250-500 words about yourself, why you think your blog is BI worthy and a link to your blog and you are done. And don't tell me that 250-500 words is intimidating. If you can do 250-500 words in your sleep...and I have! So come on guys.....get your blog in and let BI and the world discover you! Auditions must be in by tonight!

Well, Father's Day is now behind us and soon it will be the 4th of July. After won't be long until the back to school rush begins, then enrollment and then the big day! This summer has officially hit warp speed and I am trying to hold on for dear life. Sigh.....I knew this would happen, just didn't know it would happen so soon. You just can't stop the speed of life!

So today I am spotlighting Dr. Subhash Shah. Dr. Shah is David's neurologist and has been a part of David's life since birth. I have heard mixed reviews on Dr. Shah but in our life, he has literally been a God send. Dr. Shah is one of the hardest working men I know and the nurses at the hospitals all seem to love him. When David was born.....Dr. S was the only pediatric neurologist in the city so along with having his practice, he also had to make rounds at all the hospitals. Sometimes he didn't make his rounds until 11 or 12 at night, but when he did....he was always soft spoken and very patient, never leaving until all questions were asked and answered. The nurses told me that they call him the little phantom dr. because one.....he is about 5'3" and two....he has such late hours, but there is a reason for this. His family! He makes sure that he has dinner with his family every night and has time afterwards with his kids. They are a priority and because of this.....his hospital rounds end up being either extremely late or extremely early. In a strange way, learning of his family life comforted me. It made me feel that if he cared so much about his own kids, then he would definitely care about mine....and he always has.

Dr. S has talked me off a ledge more than once over David's seizures and his visits in the hospital though sometimes frustrating for both of us (more so for him I am sure) are always tremendously reassuring to me. And many is the time that Dr. S has received a late night call from me when David was having seizures or simply just not acting right. Always I hear the same patient voice on the other end calmly directing me and patiently reassuring me.

As far as David goes....I have been told on more than one occasion that David is one of Dr. S's favorite patients and although Dr. S's manner is always uber professional and extremely business-like......David can always make him laugh and if he doesn't get a smile from David, Dr. S will always turn to the resident and say...."Something is wrong. David always smiles. He is really not feeling well if he does not smile!" While I can't exactly say that Dr. S has saved David's life (that honor goes to Dr. Grundmeyer and Dr. Schooley) I can definitely say that he has maintained it and made sure that we give David everything he needs to make his life as full and seizure free as possible. He has also been key in helping me to understand seizures and keep both my cool and sanity when they occur.

So today I say.....thank you Dr. S for all you do for David and our family and for children all across the area who like David would not have the quality of life they do....without your kindness, patience and medical expertise. You make our world....a much better place!

And on that note....I wish you all a non-Monday Monday. figure it out! Happy Monday!

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