Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Writer's Are the New Rockstars Blogger Idol 2011

A few days ago...I mentioned that I had entered Blogger Idol 2011. We are just a little over a week away from the announcement of the twelve finalist and just a few days away from the close of auditions. Auditions close Monday, June 20th and the finalists will be announced Friday, June 24th.  BI is based on the reality show American Idol (AI) where twelve singers are chosen from literally tens of thousands across America. Once the finalists are chosen......then each week they perform and each week the judges critique their performances and then America votes and someone comes in on the bottom of the voting chain and goes home. From what I understand....BI is conducted the very same way. If you make the final twelve....each week a new topic is given to blog about. It is (I believe) judged and critiqued by the judges and then America gets to vote and the blog with the lowest votes is taken out of the running. In September......the last blog remaining wins.....and receives some really cool prizes. I believe (maybe wrong on this one) that this is the first year for BI, but I love that someone came up with it. It seems a perfect fit for the blogging world and a really fun way for blogs to get recognition. I have been proudly wearing my BI badge on my blog and am hoping to be able to a full fledged Blogger Idol badge a week from Friday!

Honestly.....I learned about BI accidentally. I just happened to start following a local ladies blog. On her blog was a badge about BI and it sounded  really interesting  so I clicked the badge and followed the links and learned about it. Had I not accidentally started following her blog (hers was a friend of a friends) I would never have heard of it. I apparently blog in the wrong circles or information was merely impossible to get out to the entire blogging world! At any rate....I thought it was such a great idea and was so glad I did find out about it!

You know I follow many blogs and several bloggers follow me......I am here to tell you that you too should enter BI. There is no cost involved, just a simple email giving  BI 250-500 words telling them a little about yourself and why you feel that you should be considered for BI and you add a link to your blog, and that is all you do. Oh can  attach one of those awesome looking badges to your blog too and best of all you get the bragging rights that you are entered. Then.....Friday the, like me...will get to find out if we made the cut. ask....why should I try out for BI and what are the benefits to me? Well.....if you just do a blog every once in a blue moon and you don't want anyone really commenting on your blog, then probably no benefit. love to blog, want the world, or at least more than two people to not only know your blog exists....but also to read it, and you would like ideas on how to improve your blog, then BI is exactly what you are looking for. Their motto is.....Writers are the new rockstars! and I love it!!!!!!

Okay, so I sound like BI's one woman PR show, but actually the fact is, some of you guys out there have really great blogs and I think the world needs to know that. Some of you are funny, some of you are informative and some of you just give your readers a different perspective on life. So think about it and if you like what you hear and read....then go for it! I hope to see some BI badges popping up on some of my favorite blogs really soon as auditions end on Monday June 20th!

Today is retro commercial day. Yay me!!!!! I got it right this week. Today's commercial reminds us of a simpler time when commercial hooks and jingles stayed with us for.......apparently.... always as I still know this McDonald's jingle by heart.

Here is hoping that today is your best far this week! We are getting over the hump! Happy Wednesday folks!

***Blogger Idol pictures courtesy of BI page!


Random Girl said...

Thanks for spreading the word about Blogger Idol! I'm lucky enough to get to be on the judges and am SO excited to see the great writing that comes from this!

Cmom said...

My pleasure! I think it is a great idea for bloggers and to promote the blogging world!