Monday, May 7, 2012

Change Afoot

Yes...I have brushed off the dust and removed the cobwebs from this blog....and I am back. I have been spending a great deal of time at Life With the Incredible Mr. David and documenting Davids experiences having cerebral palsy, having surgery and his adventure into hopefully a new world of independence and mobility! It has been exhausting, rewarding and amazing all at the same time, but he is doing well and while I will vacation over there from time to time.....this blog is my home and it is good to be back!

My experiences in the last few months have brought on new and different changes within me. Many factors in my life have influenced who I am and where I am and more importantly...where I am currently headed, but none quite as directly as my last few weeks with David. It has been a huge climb with lots of hurdles and at times.....ground lost, but ultimately with the grace of God...a new and better life for David.

In some ways, reaching these hurdles and ultimately clearing them has had personal rewards for me that I never dreamed possible. While I have no idea what the next few months will involve...I do know that I think I might finally have decided what I want to be when I grow up! I think I would really love to be a creative writing teacher!!!! Yes...this means I would have to finish my degree and the teaching world ain't (have to change my slang too) easy, but of all the things I have ever done outside raising my children.....teaching creative writing at Butler on the free college days has been one of the most fun and rewarding. I literally find that to be one of the high points of my year. I plan on going down and checking out what I have left to do to get my degree and start making plans to get where I need to be.

In the process of all of this...I have hinted around to a writer friend of mine that this might be a direction I was possibly going in. This friends words to me....."If this is your path....then write! Write often and write about many differing subjects. Write about things you know and things you have to research! Write with joy and write with passion! can't teach what you don't know and aren't passionate about." It all made sense but was also a little daunting. Basically...if I want to shape writers....I have to be in good writing shape myself. This is why I came home. 

I posted on facebook today that I need subjects. If I choose my own then there is too much chance I will short myself on some real interesting stuff that I simply wouldn't come up with on my own. If I have different people with different outlooks and ideas give me topics...then I will be more apt to stretch myself which will hone some of those dormant writing skills and hopefully make my blog a little more interesting to my readers. Feel free to throw in some ideas here  in the comments. I will consider any legitimate topic as I am trying to continually shove down my walls and think and write outside my safe and self-contained box.

So now you are up-to-date about how things are in Lisaland. There is yet again...change afoot. It is opening up new thoughts, ideas and hopefully someday in the not so distant doors of opportunity. If we don't dare to dream, to change and to move ahead....then we are bound to remain in the abyss of what might have been. (and can quote me on that!)


Anonymous said...

Where have you been? I have missed you! Are you back for good? Oh and your class is a class I would definitely take!


Politially Motivated said...

Politics: are conservatives just right wing/God obsessed crazy's
Are liberals just left wing/socialists who want to see this country tank

Abortion: is it wrong? Is it wrong in all cases? Is it birth control? Should it simply be a woman's right to choose?

Global Warming: fact or fiction

Does being liberal=being a socialist

Do Christian conservatives want "God" to run this

Voting: should you have to show your id for the "privilege"

Motherhood: is it really a profession or just a way to get out of work

Birth control: should we encourage our kids to use it or are we encouraging sex

Obama: charismatic or just a load of crap

Unemployment: is it really going down or are people just not looking anymore?

These should get you started. :)

Anonymous said...

I know that you might have used some of these before, but I love your blog.
You could write more about your dating life (I so enjoyed that), your kids, I also love when you wrote about your rants. Those were always entertaining.
Just a couple of ideas. So glad you are back. Now I have something to read over coffee again.

MarniJ said... those are some very good topics above there! I would suggest maybe some of the discussions that we had this last weekend!!

Glad that you are back....I love reading what you write. And you would be an AMAZING Creative Writing Teacher. That was one of my favorite classes!!!

And at some point...(I KNOW a ways off)....we gotta start working on the OTHER cobwebs that are collecting. LOL

Looking forward to reading your blog

A Cmom Blog Fan said...

Here's one for you: Reality TV. Any opinions?

You might right about music possibly today vs. yesterday or rock vs. country.

You could also write about sex. Not the dirty porn like stuff but your views on it. Should you have sex before marriage? Do you talk to your kids about sex, etc.

There are a million subjects I would be interested in hearing your views on.

Bon Voyage said...

Travel! Do you travel? Where have you been and where would you like to go? I love anything about travel.

Bon Voyage said...

Oh and animals. I am pretty fond of animals too. Do you have pets? Would love to hear about them.

Anonymous said...

I took your class this spring at Butler CC and I can't wait to start reading your blog. From the looks of it you have some fans along with a lot of good ideas for topics. I have never blogged before so this is new to me. It appears you are an old pro at this so I can't wait to see what you have to say on the above subjects. I think you just might have a new fan.

Your Student

LisaAnne said...

I love your humor. Both intentional and unintentional.

Maybe you could post more about funny things that have happened to you, or joy you find in the mundane.

You are so positive and I love that part of you!

Anonymous said...

How about the whole single woman and single mom thing? When you talk about your life you as a single parent you always tell it with such humor. That makes my day. How about some more of that?

J'nelle said...

I've got one I just heard about. How about schools are no longer allowed to have bake sales for anything. It is part of the new nutrition programs that schools have to adhere to.