Friday, May 11, 2012

Can You Say....Same Sex Marriage Manipulation?

So this week I wasn't sure whether to be amused, appalled or completely insulted as I watched Mr. Obama make his speech about same-sex marriage. I could actually only watch a brief bit of it as apparently my son David is not an Obama supporter and he screamed and cried until I turned the TV back to Spongebob. And there you have it....apparently at my house we would likely vote for Spongebob as president over the other possible candidates...that is if he were running! Fortunately, Spongebob is too smart for any of that....but I once again digress.

Mr. O's new found love for the gay community has been all over the news, the web, facebook and the streets. Halleluiah....the president loves the gays! To that I have to say....REALLY????? As I asked on facebook...has anyone looked at a calendar recently? That's right it's election thirty and Mr. O is campaigning his hind quarters off. Thus we have our new found administrative love affair with all things gay including same sex marriage. Does anyone else smell a manipulative rat???? How is it that in 2008 this same man claimed his belief was that marriage was defined by a man and a woman and when don't ask don't tell first came up.....Mr. O didn't want to talk about it and skirted the issue for as long as he could. Suddenly though...half way through an election year, he is now a full on supporter of gay marriage. Hmmmm! Sounds awfully coincidental to me.

Two things come to mind with all of this. First of all....if this is an actual 360 switch then who else but me is scared? After all...we are talking about someone who holds the highest office in the country and he is THAT wishy washy. I mean gay marriage or don't support gay marriage but for pete sake pick a side and don't wait until it is time to try and get re-elected to start waving your rainbow flag. That kind of reeks of desperation...and if this man is this indecisive about such a huge issue that effects so many people....then what else is he going to take back? It is not his first indecisive stand and it should make us all wonder about his qualifications and how he will be if this country ever really needs a leader.

The other thing that comes to mind and this is what I think is closer to what is actually going on is.....Mr. O needs votes! How do you get votes? Make someone happy and they will like you. If they like you...they will more than likely vote for you. It is simple grade school playground dynamics. The gay vote is a big one and many have been fighting for the right to marry for a very long time. Now they are backed by the president! Or are they? I can't help but wonder if anyone but myself sees the manipulation here. Why isn't the gay community furious? Why aren't they insulted beyond belief? These people have fought for years for this and now it is being used as a bribe. Mr. O obviously thinks these people are not smart enough to see what he is doing which is a slap in the face to the community as a whole and to the efforts they have made thus far. And is anyone worried that since this man is so wishy washy that if he found he could get a bigger vote by not supporting them he might change his mind on the subject yet again? If we have learned anything from his four years in office it is that nothing is impossible if you choose to make your own rules!

I will be honest here....since obviously the president isn't. I really don't know where I stand on gay marriage. I believe I lean toward the fact that love is love and finding true love with whoever you find it with is wonderful and should be celebrated. Many will be angry with my saying this and tell me that the bible condemns homosexuality and gay marriage. Maybe it does...but this is where I personally stand on the subject. I was brought up in a small community where homosexuality was looked on as bad, a sin and even a disease. Still....I grew up with kids that where gay and their lives were miserable because they had to spend their time trying to be something they were not. They had to be the vision of "normal" that society believed in and not who they really were. This damaged a lot of lives and even entire families. What I took from all of this is: Why would anyone choose to be gay in a world where they are humiliated, ridiculed and ostracized? They wouldn't. It is not a choice. It is the way God (my God) made them.That being said...I don't want to know what anyone else does in the privacy of their own home. I don't want to see half naked people tossing their sexuality (gay or straight) in my face while marching down a street. I find it much easier to accept that which is not shoved down my throat and/or forced on me. Basically....I won't shove my heterosexuality (and all that implies) in your face if you keep your homosexuality (and all that implies) out of mine.

And as for my thinking on the morality and the religious connotations of all of this....I follow the Ten Commandments. They were put forth by God and given to Moses. They are timeless and fit into any society. They speak of lying, killing and coveting....but no where does it say you should not love because of sex, color or creed. And if we are going back to the bible and picking out bits and pieces that suit our about we go to 1 Corinthians 13:13 Three things will last forever--faith, hope, and love--and the greatest of these is love. It doesn't give criteria for just says "love!" 

So my final thoughts? If you believe in same sex marriage and you have fought for it...then be leery. Be very leery. What is being offered by Mr. O is not camaraderie or acceptance. What is being offered is manipulation and with this administration....that which is given can obviously be just as quickly taken away. Please remember that come November.


*Christina* said...

I can't believe people take his new stance on same sex marriage seriously! I read the headlines and just rolled my eyes. OF COURSE he's saying these things to get votes! Great post! I'm so glad someone had the nerve to say what's so obviously true instead of staying silent for fear of offending someone. :)

PFLAG mom said...

I have supported same sex marriage from the beginning. My son is gay and I want for him to have a loving and lasting marriage just like my husband and I. You are correct, if he had a choice he never would have chosen being gay. His teenage life was literally hell because of it and I don't want his adult life to be the same. Why should my son have to miss out on marriage and love because of something he has no control over. He has no more say in his being gay than a black person does of being black. It is how he was created. Thank you for stating this! As for the president speaking out on this matter, I like you question his timing. It would have been much more beneficial to the gay community if he had spoken out months or years ago on the subject. Now though, with elections being so close at hand I too wonder if this is just a political manipulation. My son and the gay and lesbian community shouldn't be used as pawns in a political war and I don't trust President Obama's new found support of the same sex marriage. Well said blogger.


Anonymous said...

Interesting blog. Also interesting take on your views of religion and homosexuality. I don't have all the answers and I was brought up as a fundamental Christian and taught from birth that being gay was bad. I think we forget that God created gays as they are and yet we throw proverbial stones at them for being as God created them. You are correct that everyone deserves to love and be loved and I like your stance on the ten commandments. Do I support gay marriage? I am not quite there yet, but perhaps blogger you could continue to educate. Your recent blogs have been thought provoking and this one went to the top of the list.

Anonymous said...

Homosexuality is an abomination and I see hell in your future young lady. Supporting sin is the same as committing it in my book. You should be very ashamed of this and I will never read your trashy blog again.

MarniJ said...

Ok....I see that this is more of a touchy blog then yesterdays about cheating.....which IS actually one of the 10 commandents!! WOW

I was somewhat forced into learning about the world of homosexaulity because of some family members "coming out". I was blissfully going through my life with my rose colored glasses and then SMACK!! there it was. I learned very quickly that it was really not a choice but a lifestyle because NO ONE would choose to live that life. Its a hard life to have to get up to every morning.

Anyway....same sex marriage....I believe that LOVE is the important issue here and that people in LOVE should be able to share their commitment to the world whether "man and woman" or "man and man" or "woman and women". Everyone has a right to the institution of marriage....anyone that loves someone so much to that point deserves the chance/choice to make their love "legal and binding".

So....I dont get all up in peoples personal lives, as much as I appreciate that no one gets all up in mine. I dont need to hear the "personal" things going on behind the closed doors of a gay couple just as much as I dont what to hear the personl things in a heterosexual couples life.

So...... apparently I too am going to hell for my opinion.

Anonymous said...

I will also say this blog is thought provoking. Homosexuality has never touched my life so I have no opinion but to say a person is going to hell for an opinion based on love tells me that someone is only warming a pew on Sundays and not really believing in a loving and caring God!

Anonymous said...

Even Clinton has come out and called the president an amateur and incompetent. I had no respect for Clinton as a president. He treated the Oval Office as as his sexual playpen and used our military as pawns in his world police game.

Our current president has divided the nation among every line that he can. And just when you think he can't divide us anymore he does. This week was another example.

I certainly have my beliefs about homosexuality. And they are my beliefs. But where I draw the line with any group is when they demand "preferred rights". And the far-left extremists don't want equal rights, they are demanding preferred rights.

Throughout human history marriage has been reserved for a man and a woman. What changed? O's evolution happened shortly before an election and the day after his announcement he hauled in $15 million at a planned fundraiser. How convenient.

It also came out this week that O admitted that he forgets the magnitude of the economy. Really? When does he have time to lead between his non-stop golf outings, vacations and campaign stops? The man even made the claim that our military is fighting for him this week. No. The men and women I know in the military took an oath to protect the Constitution from all threats. Both foreign and domestic. They do not serve a single man or an ideology. And let's not forget he has out spent every president from Washington to Bush combined.

I have no trust in a man that has a lot to hide. To this day, the records of this past remained sealed. Why? And with every passing day the desperation of this man becomes more desperate.

I'm looking forward to his failure in November. And as his truth comes out in the future, I believe history will not be gentle with the great divider that now sits in the White House.

Kent said...

oops, look out, the bus to hell is pulling out soon with a full load, and "anonymous" is driving us all there!
Everything that comes out of a politician's mouth has been carefully researched and rehearsed for maximum effect. Polling numbers say 50% of the country's okay with gay marriage, suddenly it's time to come out in favor and see where the numbers fall.
Personally, I've had and still have many gay friends, and none of them have every waved their gayness in my face. Most of them are in committed relationships that are more stable than some of my straight friends. Maybe I've been living in the big city for too long, but I've taken the attitude that it's NO ONE'S business who loves who and how. This highly-selective belief system where you can condemn someone for violating one law written 2,500 years ago while ignoring the 200 laws on either side of it seems unfair, especially if you conveniently ignore words from the big guy like "let they who are without sin cast the first stone."
The people who are so offended at Obama's election year "coming out party" weren't going to vote for him anyway, and the people solidly in his camp aren't going to be put off by him suddenly becoming "more liberal", if that's even possible.
It's all political smoke and mirrors, bread and circuses, and isn't going to change things here in Kansas any time soon.

angie said...

My word, you've got us fired up today!

"love does no harm to its neighbor. Therefore LOVE is the fulfillment of the law.". Romans 13:10.

As a Christian, I am under a NEW covenant with God through Jesus Christ. My sins were paid for with his blood and He alone has saved me from hell. It is according to HIS teachings I must strive to live. So I am free to speak up in church even though I am a woman, I can eat shrimp and bacon and Shrimp wrapped in bacon and I can love my gay & lesbian neighbors.

Denying equal rights is harmful. In doing so, we are not fulfilling the law.

Anonymous said...

Sleep with who you want. Live with who you want. Don't shove it in my face and don't force me to give you special rights. Gay marriage is special rights. Marriage is between a man and woman. That is the way it has been since God made Adam and Eve. What is the old saying, "he didn't make Adam and Steve!" So if you are asking for gay marriage, you are asking for special rights and the answer is a definite NO!

Out and Proud said...

Everything our illustrious president does is campaigning for re election. Yes he is using the gay and lesbian community to achieve this. If we fall into this and allow oursevles to be used this way then we are not true to ourselves or what we have been fighting for. I am gay, I am proud and I will NOT re elect Barack Obama to the presidency. I want someone who supports us because that is what he/she truly believes. Not someone who is using us to gain votes. Great blog!

Anonymous said...

I see you are back to causing a ruckus! It's about time! Great blog. Way to make people think. Your religious views on this are pure genus. Hope there are more blogs where this came from.

A reader