Monday, May 14, 2012

Spoil Me at Wheatland Acupuncture and Massage

So when I like something....I usually talk about it. However....when I LOVE something I usually blog about it! That is what I am doing today. I am blogging about my love of a new find. Well...actually old find.  For those of you who are should feel lucky...very lucky in fact. And for those of you that live far away from our little section of the should feel very jealous.

Several years ago when I was working out like I was suppose to....I had the privilege of having a personal trainer for awhile. This particular trainer, Shelly Callahan was great at her job....but I would have jumped through burning hoops for this girl....because when the workout was over.....she always finished up with a massage. Usually it was arms and back, sometimes legs depending on what we worked on that day and I never left but what I didn't feel 100 times better than when I started. Not only did this girl give the best massage I had ever had (and she only had about a 10 minute time span to do it in), but she was also one of the most impressively busy young women that I knew. She was going to school, doing personal training and also working at a doctors office as a massage therapist. I was so impressed with both her massages and her knowledge about the body, what was good, what was not and the natural remedies that she talked about that I even went to her school during clinic hours and had both massages and acupuncture (which actually helped my headaches).

After a while, time passed, life took over and I had a hiatus on working out and eventually her life became too busy for her to continue with personal training. We never lost touch though as we had become facebook friends. She would order the occasional cheesecake from me and I would follow her life progress from graduating to finding her place in the working world. Last week she posted on facebook about the opening of her new business Wheatland Acupuncture and Massage located at 1721 E. Osage, Suite 320 Derby, KS. She is doing massage therapy and acupuncture right across the street from my doctors office in Derby. I was over the moon. I immediately called her up and made an appointment to go. I figured after the last few months and sleeping on metal every body deserved it. I sprang for an hour long massage session which she was running a sale on and I awaited anxiously for this day to come.

I have been dealing with a pinched nerve in my back for a while now along with left side pain due to how I lift and hold David. As she worked on my back I could feel her work on and release those spots. It was amazing. However....the best part was when she worked on my feet. Don't laugh! I normally can't stand for anyone to rub my feet but that was part of today's massage so I tried not to flinch. It took me about 5 seconds to realize that this might possibly be the best part of any massage I had ever had. As I mumbled some remark about "how great it felt," she commented that we carry everything in our feet. It makes perfect sense. We are on them all the time and I knew from the little bit about reflexology that I had read, that the nerves in our feet can control everything from migraines to back aches. Trust me...if you have never had a massage therapist rub your is a must try!

The hour flew by and even with my cell phone ringing off the wall while I was there (have to keep it close by in case David's school calls) I was a relaxed pile of mush when she finished. It was the best "me time" gift I had given myself in a long time. I asked Shelly about how busy she was and she said she was getting very busy. She is busy enough that I decided not to wait and went ahead and booked another one in a month. Sometimes we (especially women) get so busy that we forget to take care of ourselves. I know that a massage seems to some like an extravagance that is hard to work into the budget, but trust me....if you can come away after an hour feeling as good as I is well worth every penny. Today is the first day in literally years that I haven't had the tingling in my back from the pinched nerve. I have no idea where it went or how she did it....I just know she did it. I actually feel energetic and this is even after me being sick all weekend.

And as I said....Shelly doesn't just do massage. She also does acupuncture. For anyone who is me, I was too. If it hadn't been Shelly talking to me about it....I probably never would have tried it. She worked on me twice and after she was literally months before I had another migraine. The acupuncture is painless and yet there is some kind of healing power behind it. It does work. If you have chronic pain, migraines and I believe even certain allergies(don't quote me on that though)....acupuncture can help.

So today was a wonderful experience and I am thrilled to be able to support a small up and coming business. So for graduation, a late Mother's Day gift, Father's Day, Birthday or just a "spoil me" day.....give Shelly a call and book an appointment. Trust will NOT be sorry!

Wheatland Acupuncture and Massage
Shelly Callahan


Anonymous said...

I think I remember Shelly. Didn't she used to work at the DRC? Yeah, she was going to school then. Sweet girl and a good trainer. I didn't know she had her own business. Will have to give her a shout. Great blog and great way to promote local business. Love it.

Needs a massage

Small Business Supporter said...

I LOVE that you are promoting local business. I think you need to write more blogs on your experiences at various businesses. I am sure you have had just as many bad experiences as good ones and I would like to hear about those too. Great blog and thanks for letting the world know about this place. Will have to give her a call.

Anonymous said...

You have to love free advertisement and nothing promotes business like hearing from happy customers.

Anonymous said...

Great blog. Sounds like a heavenly experience. I too would be interested in reading more blogs and places you like and dislike. The best advertisement is word of mouth and hearing about other peoples experiences. What a nice thing you have done for this young woman and her new business. Great blog!

Erik Denmon said...

You're right. Our body needs rest and relaxation to help ourselves to cope with the responsibilities as a parent every day. You've done a good thing for yourself to visit your acupuncturists. Kudos to her for becoming successful in her field! By the way, acupuncture can relieve headaches too, just in case you didn't know.