Thursday, May 10, 2012

Ode to a New Bed

My back is sore
My neck is tight
I can't do this
Not one more night
The head is achy
The shoulders in pain
Another night on that mattress
and I'll be sporting a cane.
Yeah...I'm dragging it out
My poetry head
Because in case you're wondering.....
I need a new bed!

Sorry folks...that's all I got today! :)


Anonymous said...

I didn't know you wrote poetry. I love it! Hope you get that new bed soon.

Anonymous said...

Someone needs to call KEYN and tell them you need a new bed. I bet you would have a new bed before the end of the day.
BTW your cheesecakes are excellent. Will be ordering six more soon.

MarniJ said...

Im not sure but the poem if anyone else got the fact that Lisa needs a new bed!!

LOL!! Anon....Lisas writes EVERYTHING!!!!! Great job Lisa!

Anonymous said...

I need a new bed too.....maybe you can order 2 of them

Anonymous said...

How about Cheesecakes for a Bed? Or here's a better idea...

Find a furniture/mattress store that will do a trade in your area for a TV commercial and a new mattress is yours. Trades are better than cash. I haven't paid for furniture in a long, long time.

I got an iComfort a few months ago. The price is decent. The TempurPedic went bye bye. welcome to marketing 101. Want it bad enough and its yours.


Sam Steale said...

Get an adjustable bed! We just got a new one an it does wonders for the achey neck and back. Definitely worth the money i say. said...

Please excuse the randomness of this, the picture from this post came up in a Google image search on headboards and I was wondering where you got this headboard from because I love it! I've seen some that are similar but not the same.