Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Let's Just Use Amazing and Call it Good!

I am an angry American which is causing me to be an angry human being or maybe vice versa. At least this is what I have been told by several people of late. Yes, there are days when I feel as if my joy has been sucked away by things I cannot control and I am fighting very hard to control what is left. Trust me....trying to control all in your hemisphere does not make you happy. It is exhausting! So I decided to take an inventory of my anger issues and lucky get to go along for the ride! So lets start at the top!

I am very angry about what is going on in our country today. I am angry that we have a president who tells bold face lies and who is taking us swiftly down a path to a country that our forefathers fought to keep us free from. (You had to know that would be in there somewhere!) I am angry that we have  congressman and senators who couldn't or wouldn't agree that it was raining even if they were standing in it, getting wet! I am angry that many of my fellow Americans are okay with all of this and still support our leader of lies and I am even more angry at those who either don't listen to or don't care what is going on in this country. Their lack of regard will have a resounding affect on this country for generations to come.

In all fairness though.....the state of our country is not the extent of my anger issues. I am angry that prices are rising and my income isn't. I am angry that bullying still goes on in schools while teachers and staff look away either too afraid themselves or too disassociated to do anything. I am angry that people twist and manipulate God's words to justify their own agenda. I am angry that sometimes family members are the ones that wield the biggest knives when stabbing you in the back, and I am angry that people choose to rewrite history making themselves blameless of any wrong doing and the victim as well. You can imagine how well I come out looking in these history revisions!

I am angry that cancer has not been eradicated and that children are a target of this disease. I am angry that street drugs are cheaper and easier to obtain than an Rx for heart medication and I am angry that we are told to medicate our emotions rather than to feel them. Perhaps the method in that madness is to avoid having to read blogs like this where someone feels.....ALOT!

I am angry that life isn't always good, fair and easy. I am angry that money is tight and expenses grow. I am angry that my kid had to choose between a class ring and food on the table. I am angry that after one surgery my son has to have another and that he is still not walking. I am angry that I am alone. Most of all though....I am angry at ME! I am angry that I allowed myself to fall prey to the joy snatchers of the world and that I allowed myself to become so angry. 

The truth is....we all have a little a lot of anger inside us. Most of us hide it pretty well and often what we are angry about one minute doesn't necessarily mean we will still be angry about it in an hour. Our anger changes with our life condition and our environment. Negative people can bring out our inner anger just as happy people can bring out our inner joy. We choose our anger battles because if we didn't.....we would explode. Sometimes we do anyway if we shove our feelings down too far with the expectation that they will stay down. Eventually they will be triggered and when they are, look out! That is never a pretty explosion. Sometimes though, a good inventory of what makes us angry and why..... is necessary to get perspective on our anger issues. Honestly, some things we simply can't change and if that is the case then we have the choice to remain angry indefinitely or change how we deal with it. Our government makes me angry. I can't change them but I can give myself a time-out away from news and even fb from time to time. inventory....sometimes when we see our anger issues in black and white, we find that in reality the issue is not nearly as great as we originally perceived it be.

Anger doesn't rule me. I don't have time for it to and all those things I inventoried....they vary. However, I like many do use fb to spout off and I am sure that I do sound like a raging angry woman a lot of times. The fact is that most of my friends on fb know me and know that I am just spouting off (most of the time anyway), but those friends who know me only through fb may be getting a whole different perception of who I am.

The origins of this blog today came from a post I saw on fb yesterday. It was a condescending (in my opinion) little meme about people who complain and are angry all year around and yet the 1st of November they start being grateful daily on fb. In my hodge podge of a brain it got me to thinking that daily life year round can be messy, painful and difficult to get through. Each of us holds anger, negativity and pain inside us and you give us a public forum and yes.....we will spew at times. However those emotions are not just who we are. They are not just who I am. Therefore I ask, why bash those of us who do take these days in November to stop and think that mixed in with the messiness, we have some amazing people, places and things to be grateful for. For some....this month of gratefulness kind of balances the scale with the anger for the other 11 months....and that is a good thing....right? is part of our human make up. Some handle it better than others and some refuse to acknowledge or handle it until it explodes. It only defines us if we allow it to and when we take inventory of it and then add in the good, the wonderful and the amazing....for the most part it all evens out. Yes, I can be angry...but I can also be happy, funny, on occasions smart, ditzy, crazy and your worst nightmare if you mess with my kids. So to those who called me angry.....if you are looking for a word to define me, lets just use amazing and call it good!

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I'll go with amazing.