Tuesday, November 19, 2013

I am a Weather Whiner

Today I heard.....that our fall which had turned to Indian Summer or at least Indian Spring was about to fizzle away and by weeks end we could be ankle deep in the white stuff! To that I say: "Noooooooooooooooooooo!"

I am what you might call a weather whiner! Seldom am I happy with weather conditions unless it is early fall or mid spring....minus the wind. This happens to be a real problem since I live in Kansas and in Kansas we get just about every kind of weather there is....... except for hurricanes and most of it is accompanied by gale force winds. Sometimes we can even get snow and tornadoes in the same week! Lucky us.

One year we were blessed enough to be in Florida at the first of December. It was beautiful with daytime highs in the 70's and 80's and at night it got down into the 50's. I knew then and there I lived in the wrong state. Moderate temps pretty much year round....whats not to love? Yeah I know....they have their own weather issues but they seldom get snow (if ever) and they don't have a lot of cold weather. Now THATS what I'm talking about!

Snow. I really hate snow! It's only redeeming quality is the fact that "snow days" usually accompany it around here. Other than that.....it just makes me crazy. People seem to become total lunatics when we get snow. First they hear the word snow and everyone rushes to the grocery store. They stock up on water, canned goods and toilet paper as if they were preparing for the Apocalypse. Seldom have we had a snow that debilitating.....but they clean the stores out anyway. Then everyone in the state seems to forget how to drive. The first flake hits the ground and people slow down to 20. Then....when the roads are good and slick....they decide to speed up and slide through stop signs, intersections and into other people. I find it much safer to stay at home and avoid the roads which have become nothing but one big demolition derby. Then because there are so many accidents that the police are overwhelmed they implement the Accident Reporting crap, where if you have an accident you exchange insurance information and then report it later. You think that hasn't caused a few fights? It is sheer madness!

So yes, they claim the white stuff is on its way along with an arctic blasts that will keep temps in the 30's and 40's during the day and drop us into the teens and 20's at night. Sounds like a hoot! Yes, I know that winter was bound to happen, I was just hoping that it would wait until February and be over by March. You can't blame a girl for wishing!

Truth be told, I do actually enjoy the first snow of the winter....especially if it is one of those with the big huge soft flakes that gently fall and cover the ground in white. But then,  I am done...finished and over it! I hate the high winds, the sub arctic temps and the solid sheets of ice caused by sleet that regularly come with our snow.

In a perfect world such as Lisaland.....it would stay in the 60's and 70's until about the week before Christmas, snow Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and jump right into spring for New Years. But alas....not all worlds are as perfect as Lisaland....and apparently we will be seeing snow by weeks end. Bah Humbug!


Anonymous said...

I love it. Not the snow but the blog. I hate snow and winter too. That is why I did move to Florida. We do have our chilly moments and on occasion it even freezes but pretty much year round, I wear shorts. It sounds to me like you would love it here so come on down!

MarniJ said...

OH! How I miss the snow!! Growing up in Kansas I remember all the snow (sometimes even at the end of the kids spring breaks) and loved it every time. I know...Im odd.
Although here in TX for the last 3years our first snow of the year has happened on Christmas Eve and I have so enjoyed it. BUT, people here have no idea how to drive in it so I just stay indoors.
We are still enjoying 70s and 80s and then 60s at night.