Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year....2014!

I had forgotten just how much I LOVE to blog! No really....I had! Life has been in fast and furious mode since before Thanksgiving. So much so that I haven't had time to blog or even think about blogging. However....the minute life slowed down and I actually had a moment to contemplate life....the thoughts began to flow and my need to express those thoughts became quite strong.

As anyone who knows me personally or through facebook knows....my youngest son is having surgery again. In fact, today was the day. We hope and pray that today's surgery is the catalyst to get him moving towards the ultimate goal of independence. You can read my updates here as we get him through surgery, home and then onto a full recovery. By the way....all good thoughts and prayers are welcome. But I digress...... Something else special about this day is that it is the final day of 2013! Usually by the last day of the year, I have had more than enough time to contemplate the old year as well as what is to come in the new one. This year that has not been the case though.....until today.

Without a maudlin, tear filled journey down memory lane....I can honestly say that 2013 hasn't been all that bad. There have been peaks and valleys as in any year but I found some happiness this year that I didn't know was still in me. I of course had a bit of a health scare and I have also dealt with some rather difficult financial times....but the good, the happy and the content seem to have outweighed the sad, scary and difficult. The rougher times also seemed to help me come to terms with a lot of things I don't like to think about....and made me realize just what was mine to own, what belonged to others and what I simply needed to hand over to God and give the control to Him. So I guess all in all....2013 hasn't really sucked!

On that note....looking towards tomorrow and the 364 days that will follow....I can't say that I have any real goals or plans like in years past. Instead I think I am going to simply take each day as it comes with hope but no expectations. I know that doing this, some days will breeze by with welcome ease and others will be an uphill battle from the moment my feet hit the ground but either way....I am relinquishing control of things I have no control over and giving myself a pass to be human...something only a control freak like myself understands!

Tonight while some welcome the new year in with parties, toasts and fireworks....I will welcome it in...in a hospital room in St. Louis. If I manage to be awake I will take the opportunity to take in the beautiful view from Davids hospital room (really it is quite beautiful) and thank God for all the lessons 2013 has taught me, all the gifts it has given me and with an open heart and mind...I will look towards 2014 and all the amazing things this new year might possibly hold.

So to my family, friends and all who read my blog.....may I join you in sending 2013 out with a fond farewell and bringing in 2014 with a glorious bang!

Happy New Year to you all!

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MarniJ said...

Happy New Year to you my dear friend!