Monday, January 13, 2014

The First Post of 2014

So I guess it is only fitting that my first post of the new year is a combination of politics and a bit of a rant. who just turned off their computers????? Come really has been awhile and I am trying with all my might not to get too immersed in politics on facebook. Too many people can't handle that....and I think I am one of them. Here though...I am free to be me and you are free to come along for the ride.

Now...onto politics. Since last I posted anything political....I have seen a big change in the political world. First of all, I fully expect to see in the next few years a complete disbandment of both the democrat and republican parties. Neither seem to be giving either side what they need and/or want. Instead we have a division of liberals and conservatives with varying degrees of both. From this, I believe new parties may be born. Is this for the better? I guess that remains to be seen.

Another interesting turn I am seeing is that liberals/democrats are starting to turn on their own and everyone else. Can an implosion be too far off? It is an interesting metamorphosis as they are trying desperately to continue to support both verbally and emotionally this party and the man whom they put in office, but even they can't deny the holes in his promises. Healthcare was the thing that made him in many peoples eyes and it may just be the thing that breaks him in those same peoples eyes.

Since healthcare is a pretty sore subject with me and I don't want to raise my own blood pressure right now, we will just suffice it to say that what was promised has not been delivered and people are suddenly realizing that nothing is free and that they will be paying a lot more for a lot less....or be fined. Jobs will be cut back or lost over healthcare and businesses will close over healthcare. Worst of all.....people will die over healthcare and the pretty picture that was painted over Obamacare has grown quite ugly....even to many of his staunchest supporters. Thus....the tides are turning. 

It is really difficult when you have shouted to the rooftops that the man you elected to be this countries saving grace is falling way short of his promises AND that he has told some whoppers along the way...the likes of which might even make Pinocchio blush. It leaves for some really unhappy people in his own party. The fact is....right now liberals are beginning to rival, if not exceed conservatives in their anger. Conservatives saw the writing on the wall long ago, so what is currently happening is no shock to us....but to liberals....they have literally been blindsided. They feel betrayed and angry and yet they are still trying to hold onto the sinking ship that is there faith in the faithless. Because of this....they are starting to angrily and aggressively strike out. Not at the culprit of their discontent mind you, but at conservatives. We are still the root of all evil (in their heads anyway) and we must pay for the lies their leader told them! Case and point.....this little act of outrage.

An individual or possibly individuals going by the name of Patrick Blair out of Buxton, ME (or so his fb page declared) put together a months long plan to both start conservative fb pages and to join conservative fb pages and ultimately gain the trust of the members to the point that some made them administrators. It had been an ongoing game of lies and deception (sounds like the work of someone else I know....hmmmm) and culminated this weekend with these individuals taking over and ousting the admins of the pages they had targeted and then posting pictures of goats with both anti-conservative and anti-Christian remarks. They proudly proclaimed their victory over these pages by "goating" them....and I guess conservatives in general. A big feather in their cap no doubt. However.....let us look at the big picture.

So a bunch of small conservative facebook pages run by some too trusting conservatives were hijacked...but ONLY after months of planning. It seems that our facebook terrorists were living up to their liberal hype. Obviously no one with a "real" job has that kind of time on their hands.....unless of course, THAT was their job. Blair proudly let it slip that he was being paid by George Soros to do this devilish debauchery. If this is true (which I doubt) then this is just another black eye for the liberal machine, however, if not true.....this is just another liberal not willing to take responsibility for his own actions. As for the outcome of their actions......they should feel amazingly proud. They have single handedly shown the world how much they excel in the art of finding stupid goat pictures and putting oh-so clever comments on them. They have shown how they can disrupt a facebook page (now that is big and no one has ever done that before) AND they have schooled the world on how to make themselves and all liberals look like they are working with the mentality of a bored 5th grader. High-five! Oh wait....other than that....what have they really accomplished? That's right....nothing! They have changed no minds, not furthered their cause at all and they quite efficiently made most all liberals look childish and sad. There is after all that whole guilt by association thing....right?! Way to go!!!......said no intelligent liberal ever. If I were a liberal....I would be angry beyond words at these playground antics and at how much damage these legends in their own mind have caused trying to get their 15 minutes of fame....especially in a time when liberals need all the positive exposure they can get. Good job though on exposing yourselves as narcissistic attention whores! did excel!

If you can't tell....these kind of attacks really bother me. Not for the obvious reasons but because this is a sign of the current times. These are not just kids being ornery, nor is it those from another country having a bone to pick with us. No....this is American on American hate. These are the very actions that if the tables had been turned.....liberals would be calling a hate crime. Not only that....facebook has done nothing about this. They aren't shy about squelching freedom of speech when it comes to conservatives, but when this kind of thing happens...... Are you seeing the double standard here......or perhaps Mr. Soros is paying them too. Who knows? 

And so ends the first post of 2014!


Anonymous said...

Idiots! nuff said

Anonymous said...

I suppose if a brilliant conservative had done this sort of thing you would be applauding their wit and wisdom but since it is liberals you have nothing but trash talk for them. What do you mean that liberals are unhappy and turning on each other? Are you crazy? Have you picked up a paper lately? Honey, the liberals are winning and all that will be left for you conservatives is to clean our shoes.

I Still like Ike said...

Anonymous are you serious. I think maybe you are the one that needs to pick up a paper. Liberals are a lot of things but winning is not one of them. If the tables had been turned and some conservative had done to you what this idiot did to these Facebook pages, it would have made the national news headlines on CNN with you guys not winning but whining all the way. Maybe whining is what you meant in the first place. ;)

Anonymous said...

Just another liberal living in denial under the shadow of hope and change that has turned into gloom and despair. Great blog by the way!

Anonymous said...

Really Ike? The liberals feed conservative some of their own BS, don't forget you call us sheep all the time and suddenly we are the bad guys? I think someone is choking on some sour grapes.

Anonymous said...

Yes, you are called sheep because you have followed that man to the White House and called him your savior. The only thing he is trying to save is his own ass! Tell me, what is the fascination with goats. The goat head is a symbol of the church of satan. Are you all practicing members or is it just that select group who "goated" the pages?

Anonymous said...

FU! I am a Christian. I have no idea where the goats came from and I did not attack the pages. I just said that if the shoe was on the other foot, you would be applauding the act and not speaking out in indignation.

I Still like Ike said...

Anonymous, you have proven my point. You are whining and feeling attacked. No one actually attacked you,they simply expressed a different opinion. Conservatives never have to do damage to liberals. All we have to do is sit back and watch you do it to yourself.

Norm D. said...

Thanks for the post Lisa. I had heard about this fellow but didn't really understand anything except he was gloating. (Goating? don't know if that is related or not).

The thought that kept coming to my mind is Martin Luther King's, "Content of Character". I suppose that would be objective too though. This fellow probably gets his kudos from those like him or think like him, where the victims of these activities aren't so excited about them.

My mind also wanders back to the days when childhood boys claimed girls had kudees... whatever those were.

The fact that there are victims and the perps appear pleased about that says something. It isn't something noble like King's "content of character", more like the hurtful school yard antics by children who had not learned a little decency or respect yet.

I Still like Ike said...

Norm, "content of character" hits the nail on the head. These individuals that hacked, hijacked, whatever these pages had no character. I agree with the blogger here. They were after 15 minutes of fame and nothing more. They are not only an embarrassment to liberals, they are an embarrassment to Americans in general. Nothing that they did shows character and nothing they say can legitimize what they did.