Sunday, January 16, 2011

Last Night

Last night took me back about 20 plus years. It was just one of the nights that you didn't see coming....and yet I had a blast.

What started out as the same old Saturday was immediately redirected when a friend called and told me she just needed to talk. Being the friend I am......I suggested the bar. (When referencing the bar....I am talking about our little home town bar, where we know everyone, the food is good and you can actually hear yourself talk.) So upon deciding to meet at the bar that evening, my day immediately took an up turn and  gave me something to look forward to. Mind you....I don't get out to town much!

So first I went to church, then I went to the bar (don't judge least I went to church!) Now this friend I met up with is someone I have known more years than I care to admit.....especially when I only care to admit that I am 28. She and I have been through more, seen more and caused more trouble than most people ever dream of. There is a reason my mother didn't  want me to hang out with her. Now a days though....we are a little more responsible and mature.....after all, between us we have 10 kids, 4 dogs, 2 cats, mortgages, student loans, and underwear older than most of the people who inhabit bars these days. Still....if push came to shove and she and I were left unsupervised and to our own devices for very long....I am sure a spark from the old days might show itself. Actually she would spark...I would just smolder and then fizzle, but you know what I mean.

As I said....we went to the little home town bar, where we had dinner and talked. There is nothing like bar food. It is comfort food at its finest and as always we laughed and talked and then laughed a little more. All the while though....a friend of hers whom she goes to school with kept texting her and asking her to go to another bar for a birthday celebration. Finally....she gave in and told me I was going too. I didn't put up much of a fight....because as I said.....I don't get out to town much.

I must admit though, I did feel a twinge of anxiety because even though I only like to admit I am 28....I am a bit older. A BIG bit older and my vision of bars is a bunch of 20 somethings running around, listening to music I don't relate to/and or understand the lyrics too, looking at me like someone just let the dinosaurs in. Still and was an adventure and after chasing kids and cleaning house all day...this girl needed an adventure.

The bar we went to was one that neither of us had ever been to, and as we pulled into the parking lot the first thing we saw was a tattoo parlor. Now most women of our age would have avoided the tattoo parlor and maybe even have avoided the bar too.......being that it was so close to the parlor....but not us. The first thing out of both our mouths was....."Lets get a tattoo!" We were on a mission. We both have virgin maybe the only thing on us that can carry that title....but nary a mark has ever marred that which God gave us. That was all about to change......or so we thought. Both of us were more than ready for the change that a tattoo would bring us even where her thoughts of being presented with divorce papers after wards and my thoughts of being shunned by my children and all polite society.....we simply didn't care. Sadly....they were closing shop as we went in and for whatever reason....they didn't want to stay open and put tattoos on two women old enough to be their mot....errr older sisters. Damn! I was so close to being the bad girl I always knew I was. All that was left for us to do was go drink!

Walking into the brought back memories of the bars we used to go to. It had that same dark, mysterious, you don't know what is going to happen feel about it. We were greeted by my friends school friends, and much to my surprise...the bar was packed and only about a handful were under 30. The rest were our age or older. To make things even better....there was a live band playing, whose band members were also of a certain age and they played 80's rock. Ah yes.....I was home! What was a ahhhhhh surreal moment soon became an OH SH!T! surreal moment when while looking at the drink menu....I suddenly realized that we had walked out of the last bar.....and NOT paid our tab!!! Suddenly the bad girl who wanted the tattoo became the really bad girl who had waited until she was an adult to unwittingly try her first experience at dining and dashing. We both about flipped. Ronnie and Ora Lee....we will be in there Monday to pay our tab in full!!!!!!!!!!

Once we talked each other off the ledge over our new found crime spree.....we actually settled in for a pretty good evening. The music was  good and the people watching was excellent. Some were funny.....some were just fun to watch.....and there were a few who were just down right scary. We did a "little" drinking, a little singing (be glad you weren't there) and a whole lot of laughing. It was just a fun night which ended with no tattoo's, no criminal record (as of yet), and lucky for residual negative side effects the next morning.

All in all.....not a bad night for a girl who started the day doing laundry!


shellove said...

NICE!!!!! You shoulda called me. We woulda covered ya! LOL!!!

Thiry said...


Thiry said...

It was alot of fun...I'm glad I decided to Made in Japan though...I am dissapointed...

Donna B said...

Good for you! Three cheers for girlfriends we can get into trouble with....oh does this bring back sweet memories. Thanks for sharing the fun!