Friday, March 4, 2011

Day 14 is Friday, the IRS and Jesus!

It is Friday! It seems for some reason like it has been a long time coming. I am welcoming it with open arms. I have felt rather out of sorts this week and apparently I am not the only one. Recapping...Zachary has had his ear issues, I have had a couple of headaches which have boardered on epic and last night David just wasn't himself. Maybe it is the oncoming change of season.....and our bodies are just reacting to it. I am not sure....but I am just ready to put the week behind us....and keep moving on.

You know.....I was thinking about how truly blessed I am. I have some tremendously wonderful friends in my life. Some have been there all along, some I have reconnected with, and some are brand new, but each and everyone of them has found a perfect niche in my life and I am grateful everyday for them. This of those friends who has been so supportive of my cheesecake business....helped me get my taxes ready to do. Because of my financial status....according to the IRS and H&R Block....I did not have to file my taxes. However....he encouraged me to....telling me that there were probably deductions and things that I was missing out on by not doing so. Well, since I am not a fan of the IRS since having several go arounds with them a few years really took some persuading to get me to even let him look at my taxes. After doing so though.....he found some really nice deductions and I may be getting back a little bit of money. Had he not pushed me.....I would never have known. Again.....I am so blessed to have friends who have my back.....even when I am stubborn and a pain in the hind quarters. Thank  you Todd.

Well yesterday morning I woke up and my teen was blond. Yesterday evening....he changed to raven black. I loved the hair that God gave him, but being the high school student that he is and never afraid of change....he changed it. Actually....I helped as I didn't want my bathroom or his clothes covered in black hair dye. The result is drastic and he loves it (as he loves the emo/goth type look). As for me....the jury is still out. I still jump when I catch a glimpse of his hair....forgetting that I no longer have a blond child (at least not for now). There will be piercings, tats, or eyeliner. (Those rules only apply to him....not me!)

Since my week was just meh.....I am hoping for a more palatable weekend. Nothing exciting....just not meh! I am treating myself this weekend......and the dogs (getting them bathed and groomed) which will actually be a treat for all of us as I am not fond of the wet dog smell that seems to be permeating them. So all in should be an okay weekend.

So now it is time for the 30 Day Challenge.

Today's challenge: Day 14 - A picture of someone you could never imagine your life without.

Well according to some...this individual seems to be a running theme throughout my blog, so I guess it is only fitting that this day be about Him. The Him I am referring to is Our Lord.

I have written so far about the many things that I like, love or that simply put a smile on my face.....but none would mean a thing without having Jesus in my life. He has been with me since my creation and every second since.

He has been there for every smile, every milestone, every wonderful event. He has carried me through my sadness, my pain and my loss. He has guided me when I couldn't find my way and He has welcomed me back when I have returned after a short absence.

Because of Him....I never feel alone and always want to strive to do better. His constant presence has allowed me to realize the wonders of this world and the blessings that come from even the saddest of times.

He has helped me to see the best in the worst and understand that life is not perfect, but sometimes it is the imperfection that is beauty in itself. He has also taught me that He does not expect perfection from me for it is my mistakes that help me to learn and grow and become the person He wants me to be.

So truly....nothing in my life would be as significant or as wonderful without Him. Christ is whom I could never imagine my life without!

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