Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tired...But Never Too Tired for Pigs

I am tired! I am so tired in fact that I almost shut my alarm off and went back to sleep. My night was full of dream after dream. I have no idea what I dreamed....I just know I dreamed.... and dreamed a  lot. Nights like that are simply NOT restful.

Yesterday....getting back into the swing of work after being off for 5 days was tough. That and having new surroundings to work in was different too. Not that I am complaining....I love the new work remodel....it just will take some getting used to. I did get my workout in, but I am noticing that I have been working out to the point of feeling muscle and joint pain. Morning's have started to be a real treat when I try to get out of bed. My legs are pretty stiff and they ache like crazy. Either that is a sign that I am starting to get somewhere with my workout....or I am just old. It is probably the latter.

Today is suppose to be cold and rainy. WHY? Why can't the sun shine? Perhaps if the sun were all aglow....so then would I be. Instead...I want to climb back in bed and sleep for another 7 hours. All I can say is.....spring feeling weather better get here soon....before  I mentally deteriorate.

I make no big plans today. All I have on the schedule is trying to fit a work out in and work and then the other things that  normally make my Tuesday so grand. If I can make it through those things....then I am going to treat myself to an early night. This should be easy as Glee is only in reruns until April....so no real reason to stay up past 7 p.m. if my body is so inclined to call it a day. And since my body is already so inclined.....it looks as if there could be a 7 p.m. bedtime in my future. Yay!

Your Photo Here......(Day 8)

Pig Calendar

Today is a picture which is close to my heart. I have mentioned once or twice or maybe a thousand times or so.....that I love all things swine. Well one of my favoritist (again....a word if I say it is) things at work is my pig calendar. I love going in and seeing a pig mark my month and day. And if ever during the day I start to feel a little down....my pc invariably makes me smile. What? You tellin' me a cute piggie doesn't bring a smile to your face?

I have actually had a pig calendar of some variety (baby pigs, big pigs, dressed up pigs...) for years and the funny thing is....never have I had two alike. Some have been gifts and some I have had the pleasure to pick out myself...but never have any of them been a copy of the year before. I just love it.

So if ever you just have a hankering to give me a gift...just remember...I love all things pig, but most especially....I love me some piggie calendar!

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