Thursday, June 30, 2011

So Ready for the Weekend

June has been such a poser this year. It has spent a great deal of its time trying to be Florida and August all rolled into one. Truthfully....June and I are on the outs a little bit. Thanks to its high humidity and 100+ temps for a good portion of the month, I had to turn my AC on early thus causing a higher than normal electric bill....earlier than normal. The only thing that will keep me from going into the poor house this summer is if July tries to pose as Seattle and April. Then we might be good. I know! I know! Not gonna happen!. 

Today is my last day of work for four days. Yay me! Well let me rephrase. Today is my last day "at" work for four days. I sincerely doubt it is my last day of work. Although I do have a plan to do as little as I can possibly get by with over the weekend. In case you can't tell.....I am SO ready for this weekend! I am also pleased to announce that we are making progress on the home front. One of the three lawn mowers is currently working and with a little overhauling.....there is hope for the other two. Oven is fixed, and frig will be giving us both ice and water by the weekend. The pool still remains green but should be clear by Saturday (fingers crossed). There is still a hole in my wall....but at least things are moving forward. And no....I did none of this on my own. Most of it is coming from borrowing someone elses husband...yet again. I am tellin' ya.....I am seriously thinking that I need to get me one of those. Husbands that is! (One of my own...not someone elses!)

I have been challenged yet again. Why do people keep challenging me???? This time the challenge is to go the entire month of July drinking only water. During Lent....that is basically what I did, but this say's ONLY water. No flavored water, no soda, no Crystal Light....JUST water. I think this is really doable. I have drank some soda since Easter....but very limited compared to what I was drinking going into Lent. Turning my back on soda yet again should be fairly easy. However....I will have to put my own amendment into the mix and say only water and tea. I MUST have my tea. It is no longer a want and far more a need. So for the month of July water and tea will be the official beverages of Lisaland! Oops....perhaps I should put a disclaimer on here (Alcohol is also an acceptable beverage on weekends, holidays and all days ending in "y") There...I am covered!

So day three of my headache rages on. Thus the late posting. I can't make my head stop hurting long enough to think. I am thinking once 3 p.m. rolls around...there will be a nap in my future. I REALLY need it! Hopefully I can get this headache beast tamed before the weekend....or that may throw a monkey wrench in everything.

Last Thursday in here go the Shout Outs!

A shout out to Wyatt Rowden who turned the big "2" yesterday! Happy Birthday Wyatt.

A huge shout out to Chris O'Daniel for working on my mowers and working on my frig. And thank you too Niki for loaning him to me!

A shout out to Johnny Pride of Pride Pools who is working on my pool. Without pool would stay permanently green.

And finally....a huge...huge shout out to all the fireman who will be out and on call for this holiday weekend. Without you and in this dry heat.....the results could be complete disaster!


Prayers for the Chris Henderson family. Chris is currently recovering in one of the local hospitals and both he and his family could use a lot of prayers.

Prayers for Boomer Nichols. He is one of the cutest little wiener dogs you have ever seen and he is not doing well. Please pray for both Boomer and his mama Tina.

Prayers for all who will be traveling this holiday weekend that they will make it to their destinations and back home again.....safely!

And finally....once again....prayers for all who wake up everyday with the one goal of serving their country. Please pray for all of our military....especially those on foreign land. Please keep them safe and bring them home soon.

Here is wishing each of you a wonderful and safe holiday weekend. Happy Happy Thursday!!!!!!


Deandra said...

Sometimes I wish you had a "love love love it" button on here!

Becca Rowden said...

Thank you for the shoot out for Wyatt! And he LOVES the cups and card! Thank you sooo much! :)