Monday, August 19, 2013

In This Moment.....

Yes, I know that I fell down on the whole blog thing again last week. Don't judge me!!!! I am hoping this week will be a MUCH better one. At least for today, the decision of what to blog about is an easy one. To Like or Not to Like....... Today I choose like! 

I don't normally like Mondays because I always feel so unprepared. Forget the fact that they roll around every week at the same time...I still feel unprepared. However, I like today...or perhaps I should say, I like the moment of today that I am currently in! Right now, in this moment it feels as if I can breathe. School is now in session full time (until Labor Day) and I don't have anything pressing on me that I am preparing for. Today I can just breathe, plan, blog and start catching up on all the stuff I have been putting off for a day just like this one.

I am curled up on the couch with my Pitty (which by the way we have nicknamed Pitty Cent) at my feet and my two little dogs close by. Dishes are done, laundry is going and my brain is free to travel in any direction it wants. Yes, there are phone calls to make, appointments to schedule, a house to clean and the never ending basement project....but there is also peace and quiet and a feeling of "I got this handled," at least for the moment anyway.

I guess spending the weekend with friends and doing a little emotional purging in the process was a good thing. Now I feel as if I can accomplish and move forward and who knows what today, tomorrow or even the week ahead holds?

Yes, I like this moment. It is nice to say that in a world of often unlikeable moments. This one is a good one, a special one, a rare one. Catch me in an hour and the bottom may have fallen out, but for this moment.....I like it a lot!


Anonymous said...

Short and sweet. I love it.

Anonymous said...

In this moment is a really nice piece. Good job.