Friday, August 30, 2013

Short and Sweet

Today is Friday and I decided to go short and sweet with my political/social views. So here they are:

Our forefathers got it right, since that point though....we have really screwed it up. A country who doesn't support the "rights" of its people is not a democracy. A country who tries to control it's people whether it be with money, hand outs or the taking away of both God given and Constitutional rights is a dictatorship in which the people are controlled by the government instead of the government being controlled by the people.

Power whether it be by money or leadership can be a very exhilarating aphrodisiac. It can make one forget that at the end of the day, they are still just flesh and blood like everyone else and if not for a stroke of luck or good fortune, they are no more or less human, in foul-able or above the law than anyone else.

Money, much like any other inanimate object is not on its own....evil. It is the man who holds it that decides whether money shall be used in a good or evil way. To say Capitalism is bad is to cripple a nation. To force a good hard working man to pay for those who refuse to work or support themselves is unfair to the man and unfair to those he is forced to support. To allow a good hard working man the right to give of us his own free will and support those with "true" need, that is what makes a country flourish.

When a country starts picking and choosing who has rights and makes a division or discriminates by race, creed, color or age then it is not "for" the people. When a country tries to disarm its own while helping to arm its enemies....there is a problem and when a country tries to control the media and quiet the people, then the people must open their eyes and realize they are really no longer free.

When people turn on their it not the beginning of the end? When we "choose" to kill the most fragile and innocent of our own species while fighting ferociously for the life of other species, what does that say about us as a people? When we judge others by their diversity instead of honoring the differences are we giving our Creator who in His infinite wisdom created each of us the justice and respect He deserves? When we use our color, race or creed as a way to put others down, cause division, abuse the system or ultimately hurt our fellow man, we do society, our group and humanity as a whole......a grave injustice.

We have created a country and a world that I doubt our forefathers would recognize. We have taken something good and fair and made division and inequality at every turn. We have been the greatest power in the world and greed, narcissism, and a desire to control we are becoming that which our forefathers fought to get away from. For those that don't get it.....history does in fact repeat itself and man is his own worst enemy. If this country fails I hope those who are quick to point a finger remember that the blame lies not only with those who chose to bring us down, but also with those good people who saw the writing on the wall but said nothing, did nothing and in the end.....reaped what they sowed.


Anonymous said...

Short and sweet and to the point. Very nice.

Miz B said...

I have to say WOW! Short and sweet suits you. The truth is powerful and today my dear, you spoke it. Love this one honey. Keep up the great work.

Jimmy from OKC said...

Love you or hate you people must admit that you always give some kind of food for thought. The truth is hard to get out when others live in denial and call it truth. I hope people take a moment to think about the truth you just spoke. Doing nothing is not a solution.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes your blog just makes me scratch my head. With this blog you took a very middle of the road view. Just what are you for and what are you against? You have left me wondering.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous are you nuts? I think she was very clear where she stands. Just what are you unclear on?

J'nelle said...

I think she was very clear and if you read her blogs like most of us do you know exactly where she stands. Great blog cmom. Love it as usual.

Anonymous said...

Bring on those political blogs. I dig em. You are right. Saying nothing and doing nothing will get us no where. Nothing in this life is a given and unless we are willing to stand up, speak out and fight if necessary what we have we can lose. Great blog.