Thursday, August 29, 2013

Nouns, Adjectives and a Verb or Two

There are two questions that always make me cringe. The first one is when a teacher or employer or whoever asks you to describe yourself in one word. The second is when your friends are asked to describe "you" in one word. How ridiculous. One word to describe an entire person who has lived likely many different lives in their however many years. How do you do that? Pretty easily as I have had to do it and seen it done a lot of times, but just how accurately?

If the question is asked of me about myself, I guess it depends on the day and how I am feeling. Those one words can be anything from "tired," "aggravated" and "lookout" to "content," joyful" and dare I say...."happy." Sadly they are just words that describe the moment and not the whole, but seldom do I want to delve deep enough to really think about the whole.

Now if that question is asked of others about me, you can count on answers such as "funny," "friendly" and the ever popular...."strong." I just want to laugh. Especially when I know that words like "strong" are just a persona I put forward and not in anyway the real me.

The bottom line is, no one can be described with one word. Each of us has different sides and depending on the day, the people we are with or the circumstances....different feelings and attitudes. We are a people of not just nouns, but many many adjectives too. Sometimes I am "somewhat" strong if I need to be there for others. If I am with my friends I can be "very" funny and  I see no reason not to be "friendly" when meeting others. Okay....I couldn't think a of good adjective to go with friendly. You either are or you aren't.

I am also someone who tries to find the good in the bad. I try to be a half way decent mom. I have a temper but most times try to keep it in check. I have been known to yell but I also love to laugh. I prefer to give people the benefit of the doubt but if you hurt me or make me mad enough, all bets are off. I like the color pink, I love my friends and I would do just about anything for my kids. I am often outspoken....but if I find myself in the wrong....I will admit it. I am seldom quiet but when I am, there is usually a reason. I love to dream and to write and to lose myself in music. I love God, I go to church and I am not afraid to speak of either. I don't have to be liked but I won't tolerate being disrespected. I smile a lot (except for when someone has a camera pointed at me). I try to be a good friend, a good listener and to keep judgement out of both. I have opinions, thoughts and beliefs and you are likely to hear them if you ask or cross a line. I am a product of my experiences and I can be my own worst enemy. I am nouns and adjectives with a verb or two thrown in for good measure. I am all of this and more.

And that a little about me today!


Anonymous said...

Ask me one word to describe you and I will say "complicated".

Now in saying that one word its not meant to be in a bad way. Because even though at times you come across as means, as you stated, depends on the moment.

I also would like to state that even though complicated you are well worth the effort of her friendship! Well worth it. Expect for the Non Smiling for pictures!!!!

J'nelle said...

I like this. One word to describe a person is really ridiculous. I like all your nouns, adjectives and verbs.

Anonymous said...

You are all of what you stated and so much more. You forgot words like loving, giving, caring and to some even amazing. Don't sell yourself short and don't forget that there are many people who love you to the moon and back.

Anonymous said...

To me, friend is the word that describes you. It covers it all and if you need an adjective to go with it we will say amazing friend.