Monday, September 16, 2013

I Like........

The weekend was no longer than your average weekend, but somehow this one felt like it dragged. Perhaps it was the incessant migraine that was my constant companion since last Thursday?! I do love fall but it also brings on the weather changes that cause allergies and other nasty occurrences to my upper respiratory system and head. Thankfully though, today the pain is barely noticeable so I am hoping it is on it's way out.

So after this long weekend I think I will start this week out on a more positive note. I think I will shower this blog with likes today. Sounds like a plan to me.

I like: 
going to bed hearing the rain and the occasional rumble of thunder while lightening flashes in the distance.

hearing David laugh. Not just a laugh but that deep down almost makes him snort laugh.

smelling a baby fresh from the bath. That sweet smell attached to little fingers and toes all wrapped in a towel is beyond compare. Perhaps you need to be a momma or grandma to truly appreciate it though.

both the first day and last day of the school year. The excitement on the last day knowing that there is weeks ahead of family time with no time constraints, and the first day knowing that order and schedule are returning to your life.

ice cream in the winter time and hot tea in the summer.

the smell of the kitchen when a roast has been cooking all day.

the feel of towels fresh from the dryer.

an amazing book.

the sound of clothes on the clothesline whipping in the Kansas summer wind.

the first snow of winter (but after that I am over it), the first real storm of spring, hot summer nights and cool autumn evenings.

sitting around a fire with my friends on a cool evening and talking for hours.

movie days with my kids.

snuggles from my puppies.

hugs from my pit bull.

the sound of the train in the distance as I drift off to sleep.

planning and organizing.

Most of all though.....I love a clean house and mine is long over due for a cleaning. Here's to a busy, happy and productive day for all. Happy Monday everyone!

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