Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A Rainy Fall Day

Today I heard....a light soft rain falling against my window. It is not particularly cold for being the end of October, but the leaves are changing and when the sky is clear, it is the amazing blue that tells me that summer is gone and the world is changing from green to the many colors of fall.

Yes I am aware that I write about fall several times a year. It is because the beauty and the feel of the season are hard to compete with. Just about anywhere you travel this time of year, you will see fall putting on one heck of a fashion show. All that was green and lush starts changing with the cooling of the temperature. We see the vibrant greens transform into gorgeous reds, yellows and oranges for the last hurrah of the season.

As I listen to the rain it takes me back to being a little girl and loving days like this with my whole heart. I couldn't wait to have to put on rain boots (which I actually hated because they were a pain to put on and off) and open my umbrella in order to walk the half mile to school. Mornings like this I was invariably late because I would find myself even back then, lost in the headiness of fall. I could smell the fireplaces burning and hear the rain pattering against the umbrella. If there was a puddle along the way....then of course I just had to jump in it. The days were cool enough to need a jacket but not yet cold enough to require any speed in getting to my destination.  It is one of the perfect moments in my childhood and on days like this, I appreciate those moments more now then I likely even did back then.

As an adult, I am almost as bad about fall as I was as a child. I do confess that rainy fall days don't give me much in the way of ambition. They make me want to curl up in my chair and write all day or read all day.....but definitely not work all day. Unfortunately I hear my laundry, the dishes and various other domestic chores calling my name. LOUDLY! So I compromise. A few more minutes cuddled in my chair enjoying this fall morning........and then I work!

Happy Fall!

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