Monday, October 28, 2013

The Blogs

No...I didn't fall off the face of the earth. Just been dealing with life's little speed bumps. All is well now and onward we go.

So I choose to like today. I am moving in some new yet old directions with my life and over the last week I have had a lot of time to mull some things over. One thing I am devoting myself more to is my blogS! Yes, that is blog with a Capital S on the end meaning more than one blog. I know that I have mentioned before that I have more than one but I have few that follow all three. So today I like all three of my blogs and am going to give you a synopsis and a link to the other two.

My blog From Beginning to End and Back very much about my writing and also about my kids, family, friends, politics and pretty much whatever pops into my head. It is a little about everything. It was my first blog and for me will always be close to my heart. I thank all my readers who have followed along all this time and for all of you who comment, critique and even criticize at times what I have to say. Thanks to all of you....I have grown as both a person and a writer and as my readers you mean the world to me.

My second blog is Life With the Incredible Mr. David. This blog is all about my son David who was born with cerebral palsy. It is his journey from seizures to surgeries. When David has one of his speed bumps...both family and friends look to this blog to keep them up to date and informed on his health. When out of speed bump mode, this blog is about life with a special needs child both the joys and the frustrations and my current struggle as insurance is beginning to change with Obamacare. I try to be both educational and informative with a few smiles thrown in here and there for good measure.

Finally I have my blog Do I Look Like a Celery Kind of Girl? This blog was started shortly after the David blog and this blog is ALL about me. Well sort of. It is about the wagon I have jumped on and fallen off and jumped back on again and again over health, weight loss and exercise. It is about a middle aged woman looking to find herself, her body and her health in the uphill struggle of life. I have started a 365 day journal that will encompass the ups and downs of this journey. Hopefully there will be some humor thrown in with the cold hard facts of complete change....and in the end.....a butterfly will emerge from what is currently this pudgy cocoon. At the very should be an interesting ride!

So there you have it. These blogs are my likes for this week. Actually, they are my loves. They hold my heart, my soul and most days....the best of who I am. I invite you all to follow me on my blogs if you don't already and if you are on facebook, I invite you to "like" my blogs facebook page The Lisa Blogs. Here you can follow new blog postings and keep up with what is going on in Lisaland via my blogs.

And as always.......thank you for reading, following and commenting!


MarniJ said...

I always look forward to ALL you blogs!!! So happy that you are back to writing them!!!

J'nelle said...

I always forget you have more than one blog. I need to keep up and start reading. Thanks for the reminder!