Tuesday, October 1, 2013

I Am Angry

Today I heard...... that the government was shutting down. I have to say that I am so sick of Obama, Reid, Boehner and all the rest that I could scream. This is all over Obamacare, plain and simple and all of you who voted for these idiots that voted for this bill PLEASE remember my words here.....Obamacare if fully implemented will break Americans and those it doesn't break....it will likely end up killing. It is going to also kill both small and big business in this country. The writing is on the wall and denial will not change the end result.

Now quite truthfully I am just as disgusted with those who call themselves Republicans as I am with those who are Democrats. I think both sides have hit an all time low in representing this country. I also think the American people have hit an all time low in who they voted for and how they voted. I am hearing so many people now admitting to the fact they didn't vote for Obama originally based on track record but instead the majority voted for him based on his "charisma" (which he lost long ago trying to take down the Constitution) and the number one reason that many Americans voted for Obama was the color of his skin! Now if you had voted against him based on skin color it would have been called racism but voting for him because of skin color is called.....stupid! I don't care what color your skin is or your ethnicity....if you are to be president of the United States I think you need to have a little more going for you than the color of your skin and a little charm.

So what happens when you vote for someone based on their skin color instead of their credentials? You get the highest degree of racism this country has seen since the 1960's because if you speak ill of the president....you are deemed racist. You get a divided congress and a divided country. You get the highest federal spending EVER and you get a lowered US credit rating. You get to be the laughing stock of the world and you get continued federal government infighting with no hope for a compromise. And finally......you get a healthcare bill which was sold as a bill of goods to the American people as FREE healthcare for those who could not afford healthcare. You get a healthcare bill that was voted for without those voting even knowing what the bill said and you get a healthcare bill which as it is being unveiled is starting to sky rocket premiums for those with health insurance. You get a change to what insurance is currently covering and in some cases not cover at all the poorest of our nation. In essence....no one gets FREE anything, you are paying more for less, much is no longer covered and if you are a business you either cover your full time employees at astronomical fees or you get rid of your full time employees. If you are an employee.....be prepared to have your hours cut and pay for your own insurance. And the hits just keep on coming. Perhaps in the next election we might decide to vote for a president based on skills and track record instead of the color of his/her skin. Just a thought.

I am tired of president who throws tantrums and points fingers at former presidents, the tea party and the Constitution when he doesn't get to bulldoze his way through whatever he wants. I have been alive for a president or too and I have never seen a president act like this. I am tired of a president who divides instead of unites. Every president up until now has had the ability to pull together congress and the people at least part of the time. Part of a presidents skill set should be the ability to compromise, not stomp his feet and say my way or the highway. Obama does not have the ability or the skills apparently to do this. I am tired of a president who deliberately causes race issues (Trayvon Martin) and name calls Americans who don't agree with him. And finally.....I am tired and disgusted by a president who feels that he has the right to supersede the Constitution and bypass congress if he really wants something. Last I knew we voted for a president not a dictator.

Up to now I have always tried to look at both sides of the issue and tried to see how those who voted for him might view his actions. After six years I can no longer do this. This presidents actions are starting to affect my children's life and ultimately their health and safety. His actions are affecting my town and my friends who are starting to lose hours on their jobs, more layoffs and are going to be stuck between  a rock and hard place with either paying the high cost of insurance or a fine for not having insurance. Slowly we are being put into a financial jail that we can't get out of and there are still those who say "Oh you are just believing the hype," or "You don't understand." To that I call a great big bunch of BS. I take the fact that you voted for this man and are watching him kill this country and still stand by him as a personal threat to my family and myself and to me that is pretty unforgivable. In the end we all are going to end up reaping what you sowed and by then it will be too late!

I am angry that the government shut down. I am angry at both sides but all of you who sit back and say "Bad Republicans," need to remember that it takes two sides to fight and two sides to compromise. When one side says this is the way it is going to be and there is no compromise then the fault lies with both sides....not just the one. People need to remember that. You also need to remember that Republicans were not elected to agree with everything the Dems throw at them and want. If they were....then there wouldn't be two distinctively different sides now would there? The two are suppose to even each other out and make compromises that are fair to both sides, not act like a playground full of bratty children (I am sorry bratty children everywhere for comparing them to you.) What is wrong with the Republicans asking for all those who envisioned the healthcare bill, wrote the bill and voted for the bill to also be subject to the bill....meaning they too take their insurance from Obamacare? If it is good enough for the people should it not also be good enough for those who wanted it so terribly bad? Why would this be an uncompromisable issue? You really need to ask yourself what they know about this bill that we don't.

In case you can't tell, I am angry right now. I am angry that we are no longer a free, proud and strong country. I am angry that we are ruled by someone who is trying to stomp on the Constitution and who seems to delight in causing conflict, race issues and division among the people every chance he gets.  I am especially angry at those who continue to stand by this man and make excuses for his bad behavior. Your bad choices and mislaid loyalty are not just affecting you.....they are affecting us all and most of all they are affecting the future of my children. Those of you whom I have stood by because I felt that you were intelligent and would eventually see through this sham of a president I am now realizing......I sorely misjudged.

So yes, I am angry. I am very angry and  to the point that I can no longer respect those who see this man as anything but an egotistical little maniac hell bent on seeing this country broke, weak and unable to comeback from his 8 year reign. If this offends you....then consider yourself offended without apology.


Anonymous said...

I'm with you sista. This whole thing is making me crazy. Why are people so afraid of this man or are they simply brainwashed and no longer able to think for themselves? GREAT blog.

Ben said...

If people would have voted on track record instead of skin color Obama would never have become president although I don't think McCain would have been the answer to our prayers either. Until we get people running for office that are more interested in the people they work for instead of money and power, we are going to get the Obamas of the world. Give the president room and board only and no fancy vacations and the other expensive perks that Obama gets and you might just get someone in office who cares about the people, the constitution and our country.

Anonymous said...

If we ever get Obama out of office you his actions may have ruined it for other black men and women. Does that sound racist?

Anonymous said...

Do I take this to mean that you may be shedding some liberal friends?

Anonymous said...

I am ashamed to say that I voted for Obama because he was black. I thought this might bring something to this country that we needed. It brought chaos and nothing more. If only I had that vote to take back. I did not vote for him a second time and I would never vote based on race again.