Saturday, June 7, 2014

What in the World? Trending!

What in the World?????

Trending. Quite frankly I would never know what was trending if it weren't for the side bar on facebook. I have almost completely quit watching the news because quite frankly, I am not up for a daily dose of self imposed media lies, speculation and negativity. If it weren't for my diligent news junkie friends on fb and the ever present trending side bar....I would never know what was going on in the world.

Today though, the top trending headline read...Antonia Banderas and Melanie Griffith split after 18 years. It caught my eye. I never understood their union in the first place. He seemed like the hunky Latin Lover type while she always seemed like the ditzy blonde. If headlines were to be believed from the beginning, then their marriage has been on the skids almost since it started. According to paparrazi and showbiz gossip, Griffith spent her marriage insecure just waiting for Banderas supposed roving eye to not only rove away from her, but also to replace her. Facts though, say that while Griffith had three prior marriages under her belt, Banderas only had one. So who had the roving eye? all fairness two of her marriages were to the same guy.....Don Johnson, but still.

Yeah, it wasn't really urgent, state of the world press, but the headline held my attention for several reasons. One of course, was because 18 years of wedded bliss in showbiz time is like 50 years in regular people time. Hearing they were breaking up after all these years was both a little sad and mildly shocking. The other reasons this grabbed my attention was because of who they were. They were a couple that always fascinated me both singularly and as a couple and also bewildered me a bit.

My first memory of Griffith was in the 80's movie Working Girl. I liked the movie more than I thought I would and there was something about the sultry sexiness of her voice that was always contradictory to who I thought she might really be in real life. Long before Working Girl though, Griffith had been making headlines because of her real life status. She was the daughter of actress and animal rights activist Tippi Hendren. It was through Hendren that Griffith met and started dating her first husband Johnson at the tender age of 14. What would be considered a felony now a days was apparently viewed as a love story in the 70's. The two eventually divorced and she remarried. When that marriage hit the skids too, she found herself back in the arms of Johnson and once again during the 1980's they sought out wedded bliss.

I liked Griffith and Johnson together. Maybe it was because for some reason in my head, they seemed well suited for each other. Maybe it was because I really liked Johnson, a South High graduate from just down the road. Or maybe, it was because I liked the idea that second chances do come along and they were living proof of this. I remember when they split yet again.....I was actually kind of sad.

My first sighting of Banderas came in the movie Interview With a Vampire. I was a huge Anne Rice fan and unlike most cases where I have read the book before seeing the movie....this time I was not disappointed. Banderas character Armand, almost made me forget that Brad Pitt was even in the movie. I was instantly a fan of this Spanish born actor. Following his Vampire gig, he was cast in some really good parts and some not so good parts, however, the part I found to be his least believable was his real life casting, courtship and eventual marriage to Griffith. Media hype called her the aggressor which ended Banderas nine year marriage and the fact that the media also played up their three year age difference, Griffith being the more mature of the two, seemed to not make them Hollywood nor my favorites. There was something about the union that just never seemed right to me. In fact, the whole thing put my judgmental side into a bit of a snit. Still, even though the media played heavily on her supposed insecurities, his love of women, her plastic surgeries and their desire to live out of the country.....their marriage seemed to defy the odds....until today that is.

Yes, today they trended. Not only did they trend but they were at the top of the chart on trends. Was it merely a slow news day or were others like myself, strangely drawn to the news of yet another Hollywood breakup? Especially one with a certain amount of longevity. Who knows? Maybe they will just separate for awhile and then get back together. Surely all those years were not in vain. Then again....maybe they won't. Hollywood is a fickle town and actors seem to be a fickle bunch. Anyone know if Don Johnson is still available? Maybe the third time really is the charm!!!!

And that is what's going on in my world!

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Anonymous said...

I love Antonio Banderas. I guess this means he is on the market again. I like the sound of that. <3